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Tea-m Sports

What a great time of year it is! There’s so much going on in the sports world! The NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball championships, Opening Day for many baseball teams and everyone is getting ready for the Master’s (I’m sure all the talk about the greens and tee’s at Augusta has everyone brewing up their favorite Bigelow Green Tea). I’m just a little out of sorts when I listened to the news about the 115,000 people attending the Dodger and Red Sox exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers relocating (I’m sure there are some New Yorkers who have another word for relocating) to Los Angeles and Joe Torre is the skipper of the Dodgers and not the Yankees. I had the pleasure of seeing Joe at a radio commercial recording before he left for California and as usual he was looking forward to the new challenges on the West Coast and the new baseball season. All of Joe’s friends at Bigelow wish him well and are glad he is part of the Bigelow Tea-m.