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Baseball + Bigelow Tea = #TeaProudly

The slow, easy pace of the baseball season and timelessness of Bigelow Tea are perfect together…we’ve been baseball fans since our company was founded in 1945! Since then we’ve continued to develop relationships with professional teams such as the New York YankeesSan Francisco GiantsNew York MetsLA Dodgers, and of course the Boston Red Sox.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to share a cup of tea with former Yankees manager, Hall of Famer Joe Torre and former Red Sox manager, Terry Francona. Whichever side of the rivalry you’re on, Bigelow Tea offers a variety of refreshing iced tea flavors to enjoy while listening to a game on the radio in the dog days of summer.

If you listen to the WEEI Red Sox station, you can hear long time Sox fan, Tim Neverett call the games. Neverett keeps his voice “in good working order” by drinking Bigelow Tea in the booth. Neverett joins a long list of broadcasters we’ve spoken with who enjoy tea for its soothing qualities. The list includes Duane KuiperHowie Rose and others. Check them out on our Bigelow Tea Sports Report.

Whether you’re at the ball park, watching on TV, or listening to the game on the radio, #TeaProudly to enhance your game day experience!

Stop & Shop and Terry Francona?

photo courtesy of SoxBlog

photo courtesy of SoxBlog

So fun to share with you a Boston program we are doing with Terry Francona. If you buy any box of Bigelow Tea at a Stop and Shop in the month of October, you are automatically entered into a sweepstakes. The Stop & Shop Sweepstakes winner gets to go to Fenway Park and share a cup of Bigelow tea with Terry and talk baseball for an hour.

I guess it wouldn’t be appropriate if I entered myself? Oh well.  I can at least be happy for the winner — whoever that might be…..

Cindi Bigelow

Spring Training: Grapefruit League

“People ask me what I do in the winter when there’s no baseball… I stare out the window and wait for spring.”
—Rogers Hornsby, St. Louis Cardinals

Life-long Pittsburgh Pirates fans and baseball enthusiasts greet spring training with conflicting emotions: sweet and sour. The Pirates, whose record has been negligible since the early 90’s, have actually had a good start to their Grapefruit League season. There’s always a sense of optimism that accompanies teams in the spring with the return of Major League Baseball.

As mentioned in this post, this will be the first season the Dodgers will not hold spring training in Vero Beach Florida.

Vero Beach Dodgers logo

Vero Beach Dodgers logo compliments of Wikipedia

Dodgers Manager Joe Torre played for the St. Louis Cardinals during the prime of his major league career. While his numbers do not quite match those of two-time Triple Crown winner, Hall of Fame Cardinals outfielder Rogers Hornsby, Torre was no slouch; he was a nine-time All-Star, and won the National League MVP in 1971, the year the Cardinals finished second in the NL East to the eventual World Series Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. And of course, Joe is a great fan, and friend of Bigelow Tea!

Now Torre manages the Dodgers, who have recently re-signed run-producing outfielder, Many Ramirez. Ramirez’s former team, the Boston Red Sox, are led by another great Bigelow Tea drinker, Manager Terry Francona. Come October it would come as no surprise to see a Red Sox-Dodgers World Series. It’s doubtful that the opposing players would get together for a cup of Bigelow Green Tea during this hypothetical match up, but their managers might.

Phil Simms, Cindi Bigelow, Terry Francona, Bob Kelly (SVP Bigelow Tea) and Joe Torre
Phil Simms (former quarterback for the NY Giants and TV sportscaster for CBS), Cindi Bigelow (President Bigelow Tea), Terry Francona (manager Boston Red Sox), Bob Kelly (SVP Bigelow Tea) and Joe Torre (manager LA Dodgers)

Will Joe Torre and Terry Francona Meet?

Well the weather is getting cooler and what a great time to enjoy many cups of Bigelow Green Tea while you’re watching the Baseball Playoffs and World Series. It’s been a great run for many teams but we’re down to the final eight. I can’t believe that Joe Torre and Terry Francona (two of our Bigelow spokespeople and regular Bigelow Green Tea drinkers) are in the playoffs and could meet in the World Series. What’s even more interesting is that Terry and Joe have been friends for many years. I don’t know how many people know the story but Joe played with Terry’s father Tito Francona when Terry was a boy and they’ve been friends ever since. Today their bond also includes their regular enjoyment of Bigelow Green Tea.

I wish them both good luck in their quest for a World Championship!


Courtesy of <em>New York Times</em>:  Joe Torre, left, and Terry Francona during a rare on-field meeting in Fenway Park in 2004.

Courtesy of New York Times: Joe Torre, left, and Terry Francona during a rare on-field meeting in Fenway Park in 2004.

Two Great Friends, Two Passions: Baseball and Bigelow Tea

Well we’re coming into the home stretch of the baseball season after the All Star Game (and what a great event it was) and it looks like it’s going to be another great run to the Fall Classic! Many teams are playing great baseball and the pennant races are starting to formulate into classic battles.

The Bigelow team was just up at Fenway Park filming our newest video with Cindi Bigelow and Wally the Green Monster. Cindi was teaching Wally (he’s a huge Bigelow tea drinker) how to make the perfect cup of tea and the highlight was when Wally thought he was supposed to eat the tea bag after brewing up a cup of tea. It was fun theater so be sure to check it out here.

We also met the Red Sox Manager, Terry Francona (our newest Bigelow Tea spokesperson) who is also a huge Bigelow Tea drinker. Terry and Joe Torre are great friends with a long association as Joe played with Terry’s father, Tito.

You can be sure that we’ll be getting these two great friends together again soon to capture that special moment: reminiscing about two of their shared passions; Baseball and Bigelow tea.


Have a Cup of Bigelow Tea with Red Sox’s Wally The Green Monster

Humorous video features Cindi Bigelow, President of Bigelow Tea, and Wally the Green Monster as they share a cup of tea

FAIRFIELD, Conn., July 2008 – Tea drinkers and baseball fans can have a laugh with Bigelow Tea’s ( newest online video featuring Wally the Green Monster, mascot for the Boston Red Sox Major League baseball team.
Hailing from Fenway Park and hosted by Cindi Bigelow, President Bigelow Tea, this fun video walks mascot Wally the Green Monster through the steps on how to make the “perfect cup of tea” atop the Green Monster, Fenway Park’s notable 37-foot wall in left field. In the video, in an attempt not to wring the tea bag (a tip from Cindi), Wally drips tea all over himself and a laughing Cindi Bigelow and learns that tea bags are not meant to be eaten!
You can view the Wally video on the Bigelow Tea website here ( Viewers are also encouraged to check out additional entertaining videos, stories and recipes featured on the website and Bigelow Tea’s blog.

About Bigelow Tea Company

100 % family owned Fairfield, Conn.-based Bigelow Tea pioneered the specialty tea category more than 60 years ago. Bigelow takes pride in its heritage and successful growth from a one-product, entrepreneurial venture into America’s leading specialty tea company.  The Bigelow Tea line includes more than 80 varieties of flavored, traditional, green, organic , herbal, decaffeinated teas and iced teas– including America’s number one specialty tea flavor, “Constant Comment®.”  Also enjoy the Charleston Tea Plantation located on Wadmalaw Island just south of Charleston, South Carolina which is owned and operated by Bigelow Tea and produces American Classic Tea and products.

Bigelow Tea products are available nationwide and every variety can be found on the company website ( Tea lovers will also enjoy the company’s blog (

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Have a Cup of Bigelow Tea with Wally The Green Monster from the Red Sox

Tea drinkers and baseball fans can have a laugh when Cindi Bigelow of Bigelow Tea meets Wally, the Red Sox mascot, for the first time and treats him to a lesson about tea on top of The Green Monster.


Tea-m Sports

What a great time of year it is! There’s so much going on in the sports world! The NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball championships, Opening Day for many baseball teams and everyone is getting ready for the Master’s (I’m sure all the talk about the greens and tee’s at Augusta has everyone brewing up their favorite Bigelow Green Tea). I’m just a little out of sorts when I listened to the news about the 115,000 people attending the Dodger and Red Sox exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers relocating (I’m sure there are some New Yorkers who have another word for relocating) to Los Angeles and Joe Torre is the skipper of the Dodgers and not the Yankees. I had the pleasure of seeing Joe at a radio commercial recording before he left for California and as usual he was looking forward to the new challenges on the West Coast and the new baseball season. All of Joe’s friends at Bigelow wish him well and are glad he is part of the Bigelow Tea-m.


Football, Baseball and Green Tea

And what a great day it was for all at the Super Bowl. What a performance by both teams with terrific entertainment from Tom Petty and Jordan Sparks.

The Giant victory brought back memories of the outstanding Super Bowl performance by our friend Phil Simms in Super Bowl 21. He set a record for pass completion percentage that still stands today. I’m sure with all the Bigelow Green Tea that Phil drinks regularly he could probably go out and set the record again!

Just think opening day is right around the corner for all you baseball fans and Joe Torre is settling in with the Dodgers and all of the Bigelow Green tea drinkers on the West Coast.