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Spring Training: Cactus League

As the sharp spine of winter gives way to the burgeoning green of spring, spring training begins for teams in the Cactus League. Major League Baseball’s west coast teams began their exhibition season on February 25th, a welcomed sign of spring foreshadowing lazy summer evenings spent listening to games on the radio with the smell of fresh cut grass and infield dirt hanging on the words of the color commentator.

But as sure as winter will melt into spring, baseball still clings to a sense of purity as seen with Ted Williams and Roberto Clemente  that remains as timeless as the dimensions of the diamond: 60 feet 6 inches, ninety by ninety. Always.

Ted Williams

Photo of Ted Williams Courtesy of

Beneath the icy contract disputes and the uncapped salaries, there lies a pastime as beautiful and simple as it was when Willie Mays roamed the cavernous outfield of the Polo Grounds, and the Dodgers still played in Brooklyn.


Photo of Roberto Clemente Courtesy of Presidential Medal of Freedom

2009 marks the Dodgers first spring in the Cactus League; the team will hold camp in Glendale, Arizona.  Despite leaving New York in 1957, the Dodgers spring training facilities remained on the east coast, in Vero Beach, Florida — their spring home from 1949 to 2008.

Willie Mays

Photo of Willie Mays Courtesy of JBRASH

Bigelow Tea lover Joe Torre is entering his second season as Dodgers Manager. Last year he led the Dodgers to within two games of the World Series.  He has enjoyed Bigelow Green Tea since his days as the Yankees’ skipper, as you can see in our video:

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Will Joe Torre and Terry Francona Meet?

Well the weather is getting cooler and what a great time to enjoy many cups of Bigelow Green Tea while you’re watching the Baseball Playoffs and World Series. It’s been a great run for many teams but we’re down to the final eight. I can’t believe that Joe Torre and Terry Francona (two of our Bigelow spokespeople and regular Bigelow Green Tea drinkers) are in the playoffs and could meet in the World Series. What’s even more interesting is that Terry and Joe have been friends for many years. I don’t know how many people know the story but Joe played with Terry’s father Tito Francona when Terry was a boy and they’ve been friends ever since. Today their bond also includes their regular enjoyment of Bigelow Green Tea.

I wish them both good luck in their quest for a World Championship!


Courtesy of <em>New York Times</em>:  Joe Torre, left, and Terry Francona during a rare on-field meeting in Fenway Park in 2004.

Courtesy of New York Times: Joe Torre, left, and Terry Francona during a rare on-field meeting in Fenway Park in 2004.