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Star Watching For Tea Tweets: Jenna Elfman, Kathy Ireland And More Post On Their Recent Tea Tastings!

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We already know that celebrities love their tea – famous faces like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are just a few of the countless stars that have been spotted – or interviewed about their delicious tea drinking habits…now celebrities are even boasting about their “tea times” on one of the most popular social networking/micro-blogging sites, Twitter!

Since we’ve also got our own page, we at Bigelow Tea know quite a lot about Tea Twittering! Given that we always keep you in the know about tea drinking celebrities, we’ve been watching the stars on Twitter, and here is some of what we’re seeing:

Fabulous television and movie actress, Jenna Elfman, recently tweeted about  her love of Jasmine tea, calling it her favorite!

Funny actress Kirstie Alley has also been updating a lot about her love of tea.   Not only has she mentioned drinking a delicious cinnamon tea, but she’s even dreaming about it – she tweets: “GOOD NITE…sweet dreams of hot buttered    popcorn, fresh baked bread and sweet tea…”

We also spotted British TV presenter, Phillip Schofield tweeting happily about The UK Children’s Society Big Tea Party! Here, see a funny shot of him from the event being a great sport!

And here’s Kathy Ireland, actress, entrepreneur and former model. Her latest hit is Dancing with the Stars. Check out some of her recent tweets about a fabulous

tea-drinking event in Vegas with her Dancing partner! And check out this great  picture of the two sipping tea!

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Let us know what you think and we’ll continue to update you on the latest tea tweets!

Drew Barrymore Can’t Get Enough Iced Tea


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Has it really been more than 25 years since Drew Barrymore first stole our hearts in the film E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial?

Coming from a legendary Hollywood family, Barrymore has definitely proven herself in the acting world.  She has even found success in the dual role of producer and actress on hit films like Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

With that schedule, it’s no secret this girl’s got some serious stamina! We at Bigelow Tea think that she can attribute some of her energy to all that iced tea she’s been drinking.  Whether it’s meeting with a former boyfriend or just a quick stop on the way to run some errands, she definitely stays healthy and hydrated with some delicious iced tea!

In fact, tea even has this actress singing — catch her in the critically acclaimed biopic Grey Gardens singing the song “Tea for Two!”

Sandra Bullock Stays Fabulous with Green Tea

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Since her latest funny hit flick The Proposal hit theaters on June 19, Sandra Bullock has been all over the press.  In her 40’s and looking magnificent, we can only assume that Bullock knows a thing or two about staying healthy!  When asked how Sandra “took her coffee,” her The Proposal co-star Ryan Reynolds replied, “she’s a green tea girl,” and with all its benefits, we can understand why!

With a slew of other celebrities sipping tea, Bullock’s in good company. With The Proposal such a big hit, you can bet that Bullock will be hot in her next film All About Steve, set to come out this Fall!

Life Is Just a Tea Party for Chris Noth

Imagine having the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Chris Noth; for one maclean’s magazine interviewer no imagination was required. She was given the chance to meet Mr. Big himself on the Sunday following the premiere of the movie ‘Sex and the City.’

The interview took place in Windsor, Canada at the child-friendly tea house ‘Once Upon a Teacup’ that he co-owns with real-life partner Tara Wilson, her sister Stephanie Cence and Tina Pavicic.

Noth, with son baby Orion in tow, took the time to discuss his role as Mr. Big, his on-screen relationship with Carrie, shoes, purses and of course, ‘Once Upon a Teacup.’ A place where children can enjoy playing dress- up while sampling ‘Tutti Frutti Tea.’ A second location to be opened in Montreal, Canada is currently in the works; but if visiting Windsor or Montreal are not options for you, then check out the Bigelow 2008 Spring Catalog for a sweet selection of items to create the perfect child’s tea party at home.

If this leaves you wanting more Chris Noth and a peek into ‘Once Upon a Teacup,’ then the following video from ‘How Many Days’ just might be your cup of tea.

Reese Witherspoon’s Tokyo Tea Ceremony

The New Zealand Herald reports that Reese Witherspoon, Avon’s Honorary Chairman visited Japan last month to raise breast cancer awareness. She participated in a traditional tea ceremony held in Kochuan, Tokyo to honor a small group of breast cancer survivors. The “Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu 茶の湯, lit.” tea hot-water”; also called chadō or sadō, 茶道, “the way of tea”) is a multifaceted traditional activity strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism, in which powdered green tea, or matcha (抹茶) is ceremonially prepared and served to others.”  On this occasion it was used to create an open forum to discuss breast cancer issues and needs in Japan. In addition to the tea ceremony, Ms. Witherspoon met with Avon Representatives and introduced the region to Avon’s first-ever global fundraising product, the Women’s Empowerment Bracelet.  More images of Reese in Japan can be viewed here