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Life Is Just a Tea Party for Chris Noth

Imagine having the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Chris Noth; for one maclean’s magazine interviewer no imagination was required. She was given the chance to meet Mr. Big himself on the Sunday following the premiere of the movie ‘Sex and the City.’

The interview took place in Windsor, Canada at the child-friendly tea house ‘Once Upon a Teacup’ that he co-owns with real-life partner Tara Wilson, her sister Stephanie Cence and Tina Pavicic.

Noth, with son baby Orion in tow, took the time to discuss his role as Mr. Big, his on-screen relationship with Carrie, shoes, purses and of course, ‘Once Upon a Teacup.’ A place where children can enjoy playing dress- up while sampling ‘Tutti Frutti Tea.’ A second location to be opened in Montreal, Canada is currently in the works; but if visiting Windsor or Montreal are not options for you, then check out the Bigelow 2008 Spring Catalog for a sweet selection of items to create the perfect child’s tea party at home.

If this leaves you wanting more Chris Noth and a peek into ‘Once Upon a Teacup,’ then the following video from ‘How Many Days’ just might be your cup of tea.