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Dynamic Duo: Tea & Honey

Like Batman and Robin, tea and honey make a Dynamic Duo.  It is delicious and soothing as the blog, Laurelonhealth notes.  Now it turns out, like tea, honey has health benefits too!  In fact, Reuters reported on a study showing that a spoonful of honey can quiet children’s nighttime cough and help them sleep better.  When compared to the cough syrup ingredient dextromethorphan or no treatment, honey proved to be more effective.  The study compared three groups of children:  one was given buckwheat honey, the other honey-flavored detromenthorphan, and the third, no treatment.  In addition to this report, also spoke about honey in its report 90 seconds to amazing health.  Another study found honey to slow the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which facilitates plaque in the blood vessels.  Honey, according to the report, also has antibacterial properties when applied topically to a wound.

Next time you let that honey slowly drip into your tea, just remember, it’s more than just a sweetener…