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Eunice and David Bigelow Recognized With Lifetime Achievement Award

bigelow familyBack in 1945, when Bigelow Tea first started, Ruth Campbell Bigelow could only afford a single-color label for her tea. Each night, her son, David, Jr., would help his father hand paint the two women on the original label. Then, in the morning, they would put the tea into the family station wagon and sell it store by store. David, Jr. has surely come a long way since painting labels. Today, he and his wife, Eunice, are co-chairmen of the company and were recently recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Specialty Food Association at its Summer Fancy Food Show on June 27 in New York City.

While Bigelow Tea attributes its beginnings to Ruth and the flagship tea “Constant Comment®”, it was her son, David, and his wife, Eunice, who paved the way for the growth of the U.S. specialty tea market. David, with Eunice’s unwavering support, led the company with a spirit of determination to its current prominence as the country’s #1 specialty tea company. His integrity, intelligence and kindness also helped form the brand’s personality and its success.

“All of us at Bigelow Tea could not be more proud to see this Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed on my parents,” said Cindi Bigelow, third-generation president and CEO of the company. “They are admired not only for the significant impact they have had on the specialty tea industry, but for the positive influence they have had on lives of the thousands of employees whose privilege it has been to work alongside them during Bigelow Tea Company’s more than 70 years. Their passion, creativity and guidance are without measure,” Cindi remarked.

bigelow tea family

In addition to making Bigelow Tea the U.S. industry leader in specialty teas, Eunice and David’s more recent accomplishments include their significant 2003 additional investment in South Carolina’s 127-acre Charleston Tea Plantation. It was their dream to restore this unique site, which is America’s largest tea garden, and share this vibrant piece of Americana for all to enjoy. Today, the beautiful Charleston Tea Plantation has become the standard bearer for the long and illustrious American tea story and welcomes 70,000 visitors each year — a suitable landmark to complement the profound impact their efforts made on the consumer tea market.

So raise a cup to Eunice and David Bigelow. Without their ingenuity, vision or drive, Bigelow Tea might not be celebrating its 70th year. It’s been the labor of a lifetime, a labor truly worthy of a Lifetime Achievement Award.

A Well Deserved Dedication For Mr. Bigelow!

family mr bigelowI do not have the words to share with you how special yesterday was for my family.  My father, David C. Bigelow had the most well deserved surprise when he arrived at the school he went to from 1940 to 1944, Avon Old Farms School, for he discovered that we had dedicated the Learning Center in his name.  My grandmother, Ruth, had worked with the founder of the school,  Mrs. Riddle, to allow my father to go for free (they had lost everything during the depression).  It was to there that he truly attributed his ability to work with people (he was on the student council and was elected President of the class).

The learning center was done beautifully, having many framed photos and passages that my father had written over the years.  He was completely taken aback and so very humbled.  But then again, my father is a humble man.  The David C. Bigelow Learning Center-a special building to  help young students learn, grow and take the world to a better place….yes that is the spirit of my father.  It was a great day and one we all remember for a very long time….

Cindi Bigelow


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Bigelow Tea Lovers love National Inventors Month!

Tea lovers make great inventors, perhaps because their beverage of choice is so stimulating and refreshing.

One great tea-sipping inventor was Ruth Bigelow. In 1945, she wanted more than black tea, which was the only kind of tea the typical grocery store carried. Therefore, she invented “Constant Comment”®, which launched Bigelow Tea and revolutionized the way Americans enjoy tea.

Another invention that Bigelow Tea made the most of, starting in 1978, was a machine for making tea bags that overwrapped each sachet in a sealed flavor-protecting pouch. Read about these innovations in My Mother Loved Tea, by David C. Bigelow. He concludes his book saying that the tea industry’s inventive spirit is far from over: “In the years to come we will see more and more deliciously different teas being offered.”


My Mother Loved Tea, by David Bigelow

In addition to creating tea flavors and blends, tea lovers have invented countless tea accessories, such as tea pots (whether ancient stoneware or digital ones), cozies, and infusers, including the award-winning, slim sleek tea stick for measuring and steeping loose tea.

One of the most colorful tea accessories of all time, however, is the Samovar, which was invented in Russia in the 18th Century. Over the years, craftsmen have created increasingly exquisite vessels steeped in history and art. This creative spirit continues today with the invention of modern day samovars.

Never think that good ideas are all in the past. In fact, invention is in its infancy. If you have an innovative idea, perhaps you should investigate one of the many companies designed to bring ideas to life, such as the Idea Trade Network, Invent Help or Invent Bay. And your invention will be more likely to succeed if you investigate its potential while enjoying a cup of Bigelow Tea!

Spring Has Sprung at Bigelow Tea — 2009 Spring Catalog Has Arrived!

Spring Has Sprung at Bigelow Tea!

There is nothing more uplifting than the beginning of spring especially after a long, cold winter! Sweet scents of hyacinth and vibrant tulips and daffodils fill us with a sense of well-being and renewal. Our cups runneth over. Speaking of cups, Bigelow Tea is celebrating springtime with our most exquisite Spring Catalog to date. It showcases a fabulous collection of Bigelow gifts, from colorful “On the Go” Tote Bags to the beautifully crafted Flavored and Herb Tea Chest. Green tea drinkers can go green with Bigelow’s All Green Tea Basket, a seagrass basket lovingly filled with Bigelow delights, including the ever-popular Green Tea with Pomegranate.

On-the-Go Tote Bags
“On the Go” Tote Bags

Flavored and Herb Tea Chest
Flavored and Herb Tea Chest

Bigelow Tea All Green Tea Basket
All Green Tea Basket

There’s something for everyone: discerning teacup collectors can enjoy Spode® Flower of the Month Teacups with their favorite Bigelow Tea, and organic tea aficionados can relax with treats from the Amber Spa Basket and Organic Tea For Two.

April — Flowers of the Month by Spode®
April — Flowers of the Month by Spode®

Amber Spa Basket
Amber Spa Basket

Organic Tea for Two
Organic Tea For Two

We at Bigelow Tea have put a lot of TLC into the creation of this catalog. Celebrate this glorious season with tea — whether planning the first of many spring tea parties or simply enjoying a beautiful sunset on your back porch while sipping some American Classic Tea®.

60+ years ago, Ruth Bigelow, with her unabashed passion for tea and adventurous taste buds, created a zesty tea, Constant Comment®. Her children and grandchildren were inspired by her. To read more about a true “American classic” and the family-owned company that she founded, read My Mother Loved Tea, written by her son, David Bigelow. And, yes, you can order it from the 2009 Spring Catalog.