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Green Tea To The Rescue!

bigelow-tea-green-teaNearly 30 million children and adults in the United States have diabetes which is a fact we should all be concerned about as many Americans don’t even know they have the disease. Diabetes results from the human body not producing enough insulin to break down glucose. Glucose is a form of sugar that gets turned into fuel for the body. Without enough insulin, glucose levels build up which is why diabetes can be so harmful.

The good news is diabetics can manage their health in many ways: monitoring glucose levels, remaining physically active, eating well and staying hydrated to name a few. For tea drinkers, studies share good news: it has been reported that “Green tea is good for people with diabetes because it helps the metabolic system function better.” A 2013 research review published in Diabetes and Metabolism Journal highlighted a Japanese study that found people who drank six or more cups of green tea a day were 33 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than people who drank less than a cup of green tea a week.

Bigelow Tea has many delicious varieties—and tons of Green Tea options like Green Tea with LemonGreen Tea Chai and Earl Grey Green to name just a few. All Bigelow Teas are sugar-free and can be served without sweeteners, so together, let’s not only learn more about diabetes but help each other mange this difficult disease!

Bigelow Tea Recognizes Men’s Health Week With A Gut Check

bigelow tea men's health week

When it comes to men and belly fat, there’s no middle ground. Carrying a paunch poses serious health risks. In honor of National Men’s Health Week (June 12-19), the Bigelow Tea family is sharing ideas to help guys whittle their waists.

Extra poundage certainly isn’t just a man’s problem, but male weight gain tends to be concentrated in the midsection, while women are more likely to gain weight in the hips, limbs and breasts. Regardless of overall weight, excess belly fat increases the risk for heart disease, stroke, some cancers, Type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. OK, that’s the bad news … the good news is that men can take charge with a fitness plan that suits their individual food preferences and lifestyle.

Consider Marv Leicher’s weight loss success story on WebMD. After trying a few different diets, he lost weight initially but always saw the pounds creep back. Sound familiar? Marv’s light bulb moment came when he realized he could stick with certain elements of each diet, but not all of them. So he picked the ones that worked for him, like eating a big breakfast and eliminating soft drinks. No more trying to leave food on his plate. He lost 30 pounds and has kept it off for a year.bigelow tea classic green tea

If replacing soft drinks is something you would consider, Bigelow Tea is the perfect replacement. Whether it’s Green Tea or a favorite black tea variety, like Earl Grey, unsweetened tea is a wonderful way to hydrate without adding extra calories. And during Iced Tea month, it’s even better over ice!

So guys, here’s to finding your personal path to fitness—and enjoying the journey with plenty of your favorite Bigelow Tea!


Image by Ellen Munro via Flickr

Chamomile Tea Goes Beyond Comforting: It May Prevent Diabetes Complications too!

A recent study from Japan and the UK concluded that chamomile tea may prevent blood sugar increases and other complications associated with type 2 diabetes. In the study, diabetic rats that were fed chamomile tea exhibited lower production of sugar alcohol sorbitol from glucose, which has been linked to eye and nerve cell damage as well as kidney damage.

Researchers from the University of Toyama in Japan and the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research in the UK reported “The results (of this new study) clearly suggested that daily consumption of chamomile tea with meals could contribute to the prevention of the progress of hyperglycemia and diabetic complications.”

Future studies on humans will need to be conducted to see whether the results can be repeated. As a dietary approach, this may well mean chamomile tea may be added to the expanding list. This is promising news for those with type 2 diabetes

If you are just looking for “comforting” and want to learn more about herbal teas in general go here. Curious which celebs are drinking chamomile tea? Look here. Or maybe you’re hankering for some chamomile tea yourself?

Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea

Tea Shows Promise in Fighting Diabetes

Scottish scientists say that drinking tea might help combat diabetes. Pre-clinical research conducted at the University of Dundee indicates that ingredients in black tea “mimic insulin action.”

A team lead by Dr. Graham Rena of the university’s Neurosciences Institute has been working diligently to identify agents that might substitute for insulin in Type 2 diabetes. Thus far the group’s research has revealed that black tea ingredients known as theaflavins and thearubigins mimic insulin action.

Dr. Rena has been quoted in a Scottish news site as saying, “What we have found is that these constituents can mimic insulin action on proteins known as FOXOs … The task now is to see whether we can translate these findings into something useful for human health.” Rena added, “There is definitely something interesting in the way these naturally occurring components of black tea may have a beneficial effect, both in terms of diabetes and our wider health.”

Dr. Graham Rena notes that his team’s research into tea compounds is at an experimental phase and that further testing is needed. In the meantime, diabetics are advised to continue to take medications as directed by their doctors.