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Bigelow Earl Grey Tea Provides a New Age Twist for a Classic Pie Recipe

bigelow tea pie recipeIt’s no secret that Bigelow Tea’s Earl Grey contains real oil of bergamot harvested from trusted long-term suppliers. Since the 1970’s the Bigelow family has partnered with family farmers in Calabria Italy to blend the most flavorful Earl Grey tea where fans like Godess Athena say then can even smell the difference (we agree!).

This aromatic tea blend is not only delicious on its own- it’s also a bold, flavorful ingredient for a dessert. This Bigelow Earl Grey Meringue Pie recipe starts with a flaky, buttery crust and is topped with a creamy, bergamot flavored filling and fluffy meringue. And note, perfecting your meringue takes practice but a few of these tips will give you a head start. For example, always start with a clean, dry bowl and use the largest, finest-wired whisk to whisk the egg whites. You’ll know your baked meringue is done when you can easily lift it away from the Earl Grey filling.

The next time you’re craving something delicious for dessert, whip up this Bigelow Earl Grey Meringue Pie! We guarantee it’s so delicious, you’ll feel like a professional baker and your family and friends will think so too!

Bigelow Earl Grey Meringue Pie


  • Bigelow Earl Grey Tea bags
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1 cup sugarbigelow tea earl grey
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 4 egg yolk
  • 1  puff pastry shell
  • 4 egg white
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar


Heat oven to 400.
Place pastry into baking dish of choice and make holes with fork to let air escape. Place some weight on pastry to prevent it from rising and bake till golden brown. Let cool till ready for use.
Heat water and steep tea ten minutes.
Combine 1 cup sugar, flour, cornstarch and salt and stir into tea.  Bring to a boil and whisk in butter.
Stir together egg yolks and temper with hot tea mixture and then return to pot and bring back to a boil then pour into prepared pasty shell.
Whisk egg whites with either lemon juice or cream of tartar. When soft peaks form add sugar and continue whipping till firm peaks form.
Spread over pastry and let it touch edges. Bake at 400 till meringue begins to brown and let cook till meringue is firm and cooked through. If meringue begins to get to dark lower temp to 300 and let cook till meringue sets.
Chill and serve.

I Want To Tell You About Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea…..

Cindi Bigelow and Bill met at the Natural Foods East conference in Baltimore, MD last Fall. At that time, Bill praised Bigelow’s Earl Grey tea so much that Cindi asked if he could send along his story to share with our other passionate tea drinkers.  Below is Bill’s story.

“I wanted to tell you how much I love Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea. I have to admit that I go out of my way to drink only your brand of Earl Grey as I have tried various brands of Earl Grey. Bigelow has the perfect blend of tea and bergamot oil. I rarely travel without it. As I stay in various hotels and dine at different restaurants, I always ask if they serve Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea. When I find out that they do not, I must ask for hot water and pull out one of my Bigelow tea bags. This picture is of my Bigelow Earl Grey tea bag at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

This past winter, we took our kids on a 8 day Caribbean Disney cruise. During our first breakfast, our drink waiter brought out an assortment of teas. He did not have Bigelow Earl Grey but he went on a search for some. He did come back with a non Bigelow tea bag. I politely refused and pulled out one of my Bigelow Earl Grey tea bags. He watched as I pulled it out of the package and dipped the tea bag into the hot water. I then gave him the wrapper to smell. You would have thought I gave him gold the way his eyes became big. He was so impressed with the smell that he took it around the dining room and offered other waiters to smell the wrapper. I was so amused by this that I went back to my stateroom and gave him an unopened Bigelow Earl Grey tea bag. You would have thought that I gave him a crisp $100 bill. He was so grateful.

I do not start any day without Bigelow Earl Grey tea and I wanted to thank you for allowing me to start every morning refreshed!”

Have a great day!

Bill from Maryland

Bigelow Tea and Van Houtte Form Coffee/Tea Alliance

Retail grocers have reason to celebrate! Bigelow Tea — the number one specialty tea manufacturer in the United States — has joined forces with Van Houtte, the number one gourmet coffee brand in Canada, to develop the U.S. K-Cup market in a big way.


The partnership began about 8 years ago when Van Houtte provided sales and distribution to help Bigelow Tea penetrate the Québec Food Service market. Following that success, Bigelow and Van Houtte formed an alliance to produce Bigelow Tea K-Cups. In the past four years, Bigelow’s K-Cup business has grown over 45% per year.

Now, Bigelow Tea and Van Houtte are launching a national K-Cup campaign in the currently under-developed U.S. Retail Grocery channel. K-Cups fit the increasingly popular Keurig brewing systems, for an at home café experience.


“The K-Cup business is one of the fastest growing segments in the United States,” says Cindi Bigelow, President of the family owned Bigelow Tea company. “It makes sense for Bigelow, the tea category leader, to expand on the opportunities of this popular brewing system. Now American tea drinkers who like instant-brew convenience don’t have to settle for anything less than Bigelow flavor.”

The Bigelow K-Cups include these consumer favorites:

  • English Breakfast
  • Green Tea
  • Earl Grey
  • Cozy Chamomile®
  • Mint Medley®
  • Green Tea with Pomegranate

My Story begins with Bigelow Earl Grey Tea

Two hours across the western Canadian border in a little mom and pop cafe was the first time I drank hot tea for anything besides an upset stomach or menstrual cramps. I was 20 years old, and the owner of the place refused to serve me Pepsi for breakfast. He muttered something about sacrilege and his eggs and (Canadian) bacon served with soda over his dead body. So he brought me a pitcher of hot water and a little basket of Bigelow teas. I picked the Earl Grey because I liked the name, and I had to admit. It DID make breakfast taste better.

After many campfires and hiking trips that same summer I’m convinced that it’s impossible to enjoy nature, or to shake off a cold rainy day as effectively with anything but tea. I’m hooked now. Fewer calories than coffee with the flavored creamers I so love…and I can carry a package in my pocket and find hot water anywhere!

I noticed Earl Grey is the first tea to disappear when I go to conferences or hotels that serve continental breakfasts, so I know I’m not the only one who loves it. Thanks for giving me a chance to share how much I love this tea!

Becky B.

Lanie Sips…and recommends…Bigelow Earl Grey Tea

Thanks goes out to Lanie Sips blog for the great review of our Earl Grey Tea and for pioneering the pairing of blueberry Pop-Tarts and Earl Grey Tea. “The bergamot and the berries went great together, and the black tea helped to address the sweetness/stickiness of the pastry.” (Bergamot is the orange blossom flavor in Earl Grey Tea.) To further explore this duo of blueberry and bergamot, try our Blueberry Harvest Muffin recipe with your next cup.

For all you other Bigelow Earl Grey Tea fans out there…give blueberry and bergamot a try and let us know what you think.

An Extraordinary Bigelow Tea Year!

Well our year is coming to a close….and what a year it has been!  Our official year end is June 30 so I might be slightly premature in sending out this entry BUT what a record year.  We sold more teabags than ever before.  Our older more established teas did well like “Constant Comment”, Earl Grey, Chamomile and Green but our new teas did gang busters as well.  We feel so blessed in this company right now-we try and do the right thing every day-work hard, make great tea, be creative and stay focused….all I can say is it is great to see that the consumer noticed.   The fact that we recently became the number one Specialty Tea Company in this country is not something we take lightly and it is only because of you all that we did it!!  THANK YOU for an extraordinary year.

Cindi Bigelow, President

Bluesy Tea

Green tea may be all the rage, but a raspy voiced singer-songwriter named Dendee has got the blues over the beverage. The London-born musician bemoans the traditional English Tea he’s come to miss while living in America in his light-hearted song “I want a cup of tea,” which was featured on the Tea Muse online newsletter.  

It soon becomes apparent that it’s not just the drink, Dendee misses, but the British foodstuffs typically paired with tea as well. Items like Toad-in-the-hole, which are sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter, and spotted dick, a steamed suet pudding with dried fruit. 

So, steep some Bigelow Earl Grey, then click here for a listen. 

Springtime Sipping

Do your tea preferences change with the seasons? If so, start thinking green! Green tea, that is! Green is the color of springtime. It can also represent a fresh, new flavor discovery! Bigelow has a number of fruity green teas including green tea with mango, with lemon and with peach. Each is ready to explore with a light taste that’s ripe for warmer temps.

You can also shake off the last vestiges of winter with teas that bring blooming spring to mind. Like the floral tones of Jasmine tea made from the finest hand-picked teas from the high-elevation gardens. Or take your green to the extreme when you go all natural. Bigelow’s Organic Green Tea has no artificial ingredients.

Can’t quite make the switch from your all time favorites? Bigelow understands which is why they now also feature many tea classics in a green variety, like Earl Grey green and Constant Comment.

So, take your tea green this spring! For a complete line-up of Bigelow greens, visit the green pages in Bigelow’s online store.

What Your Tea Says About You

Is there a link between your tea preferences and your personality type? Some might argue there is. iVillage has introduced a light-hearted listing that attempts to identify personality traits based on a tea lover’s favored flavors.

Take, for example, Earl Grey fans. Like the delicate aroma of your favorite tea, your feelings are easily bruised, although you “thrive on positive criticism.”

Those who prefer fruit-flavored teas, however, are all about fun and frivolity. Still, even you have a need to unwind occasionally and then “relaxation becomes very important.”

Have a penchant for green tea? iVillage speculates that you are “at one with yourself.” And, if you enjoy your tea on ice, you “are the personification of reserved dignity, a perfect model of self-restraint and control.”

If these descriptions are not ringing true for you, don’t be surprised, because the listings are all in good fun. Still, like a good fortune cookie, there’s a bit of wisdom in every one. Like this sage advice for black tea drinkers, “Kick back and try going with the flow; you never know what you might see from this different perspective.” That’s good advice for all of us.

Not finding your favorite on the list? Read the full article here.

Patti Scialfa’s Tea in Life and Art

Patti Scialfa may be best known as the wife of musician Bruce Springsteen and a player in the E Street Band, but she also happens to be an artist in her own right … and a tea lover, to boot!

We first learned of Scialfa’s association with tea after the release of her 2004 recording “23rd Street Lullaby.” Featured in the album is a song of the same name – which was penned by Scialfa and received four-star reviews in Rolling Stone magazine – that opens with a sultry reference to Jasmine tea (view lyrics here.) But, surprisingly, her tea preferences seem to lean in different directions. According to a Smoking Gun write-up, Patti’s backstage digs are furnished “with soy milk, green tea, various protein and energy supplements,” while a Fox News interview exposes her as a serious musician and Earl Grey lover.

To learn more about Scialfa, her latest album, “Play It as It Lays,” or tour information visit Patti’s official site.