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Explore Bigelow Tea’s USDA-Certified Organic Varieties

bigelow tea organic

From Organic Green Tea with Pomegranate and Acai to the new line of Home Blend Bottled Iced TeaBigelow Tea brims with plenty of choices for those who prefer organic teas. In fact, you will find 20 Bigelow Tea varieties that are certified as USDA organic—truly something for every tea taste!

bigelow tea usda organicLet’s first take a moment to address the terms “organic” and “USDA Organic,” which can be confusing.  Organic farming, the practice of growing and processing food without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, dates to the 1940s in the United States and grew to include many different rules and certifying agencies. In an effort to bring uniformity to the system, Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 requiring the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to establish standards for organically grown agricultural products. The USDA administers the National Organic Program. Among the guiding principles of the program are preservation of natural resources and biodiversity, and support for animal health and welfare. The standards also prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

So today’s consumers can be assured that products labeled with the distinctive green and white USDA Organic seal meet stringent U.S. organic certification bigelow tea green tea certified organicrequirements. Look for the stamp on each box or bottle of Bigelow organic tea! If you haven’t explored these wonderful organic varieties yet, here’s your chance! Love black tea? Novus Organic South Indian Select Tea is an exotic blend to try. And in the green tea category, you’ll find favorites like Organic Green Tea and Novus Organic Jasmine Green Tea. Herbal tea lovers aren’t left out with such delicious blends as Organic Chamomile Citrus Caffeine Free and Organic Moroccan Mint Herbal Tea.

Do you have a favorite organic Bigelow tea? Get in on the conversation, like @_gl3ry_ , an organic green tea fan, did on Instagram! Happy tea drinking!

Welcoming Autumn With Bigelow Tea’s Fall Flavors


Autumn officially begins today, and at Bigelow Tea that means it’s time to start thinking about fall flavors. Apples, pumpkins, caramel … these are some of the tastes and aromas that evoke that quintessential feeling of autumn. Bigelow Tea has several teas that are bursting with these flavors, so turn on the kettle and get ready to sip some fall in a cup!

bigelow pumpkin spice

Pumpkin Spice is a hearty spiced tea, the ideal blend to sip on a chilly morning or crisp afternoon. Pumpkin flakes, cinnamon, ginger and cloves give it its well-rounded flavor … and even though it has the taste and aroma of fall, it’s so good that it’s truly a blend for all seasons.

bigelow apple cider

Apple Cider is one of Bigelow Tea’s most delightful herbal teas. As @Bombshellexi simply put it on Twitter: “yummmmmmmmm.” It’s all natural, caffeine free, and made with apple, hibiscus and cinnamon. The seasonal flavors are perfect for celebrating the fall equinox today … or any occasion, really!

bigelow salted caramel

If you like sweet and salty, sip Bigelow Tea’s Salted Caramel. This hand-picked black tea has that melty caramel essence with a hint of salt. A fall treat, especially with a splash of milk and a little sweetener.

And if you want to celebrate the fall with our Harvest Tea Triple Pack, who are we to stop you?

bigelow variety

So, today, as we mark the transition from summer to fall, let Bigelow Tea and these seasonal blends remind you what makes fall so truly special!


Bigelow Tea Marvels At Queen Elizabeth II’s 46,000 Cups Of Tea!

BIgelow Tea Queen Mug Facts and History

Bigelow Tea was impressed when, on September 9thQueen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history! Having sat on the throne for sixty-three years and 7 months, the 89-year old Queen has brought regality and tradition to a new level. One of the traditions she has continued for her entire reign? Having tea every day!

According to sources, Queen Elizabeth II begins her day with a cup of tea and also enjoys a cup of afternoon tea, typically with her beloved corgis. If the Queen does in fact have two cups of tea every day, she would have had roughly 46,000 cups of tea over the course of her reign … and she’s still going strong!

The word in the palace is that the Queen prefers Darjeeling and Earl Grey, not surprising choices for a woman of distinction. Darjeeling black tea has often been called the “champagne of teas,” and is rich, fragrant and sophisticated—a tea befitting royalty. Earl Grey is an aromatic and traditional favorite, one that seems perfectly suited for a queen (we love to note that Bigelow Tea’s Earl Grey is particularly special, because the real oil of bergamot used in the tea comes from a family citrus farm in Calabria, Italy!

Darjeeling_Earl Grey

Bigelow Tea is curious to know if you could possibly calculate how many cups of tea you’ve consumed in your adult life. Can you match the 46,000 cups of Queen Elizabeth II?

Congratulations to Queen on this historical achievement. May her tea-drinking days continue for years to come!

Coronation teacup image by Essie via

Bigelow Tea is Excited That More Millennials Are Drinking Tea

bigelow tea green tea mug

It’s teatime for young adults in the United States, and Bigelow Tea is thrilled to be at the table. A recent survey by YouGov indicated that American millennials—adults between the ages of 18 and 29—are more tea-friendly than older demographics, with an even split between those who opt for coffee or tea. According to the data, 42 percent of Americans under age 30 prefer to drink tea. Furthermore, 27 percent of millennials drink tea exclusively.

bigelow tea chart

Millennials are living in a stimulating time for tea, and they are taking full advantage of it. From classic blends like “Constant Comment®” and Earl Grey to unique options such as Green Tea with Wild Blueberry and Acai, millennials—and all tea-drinkers!—have more choices than ever when they want to brew a cuppa. Whether you’re a fan of new flavors or prefer the tried and true, there’s a Bigelow Tea Blend for you.

For three generations, Bigelow Tea has been a staple in the kitchens of many families, so it’s encouraging to see more young people adopting tea as their beverage of choice. @crandie goes for a cup of Chamomile with Mango, a perfect mix of soothing and sweet. How will you enjoy your Bigelow Tea today?

Top image by @origami via Instagram

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Bigelow Tea Highlights Tea Traditions In Hispanic Countries

bigelow tea facts and history

Bigelow Tea appreciates that while traditions and preferences may vary among regions and cultures, tea is the most popular beverage around the world. This month, Bigelow Tea is taking the opportunity to celebrate Hispanic heritage and to recognize the history, culture, and contributions of American citizens with roots in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Here are a few Hispanic tea tidbits!

bigelow tea facts

*Chile is a major tea-drinking country, influenced heavily by British settlers. At teatime, called onces  (like the British elevenses)Chileans enjoy traditional black teas, like Earl Grey along with light snacks.

*In Argentina (the world’s ninth largest producer of tea), you’ll find Welsh and British tea culture alive and well—particularly in Argentina’s southernmost region, Patagonia. There, traditional tea is served in the late afternoon with scones, finger sandwiches, and tarts.

*The Dominican Republic and Mexico share a love for Hibiscus tea, Jamaica in Spanish (ha-MY-cah). In Mexico, Agua de Jamaica is enjoyed cold and sweet. The Bigelow family loves Hibiscus, too. In fact, Hibiscus is used to give depth and dimension to many Bigelow Tea herbal teas like Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea and of course Cranberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea.

bigelow tea cranberry hibiscus

*Two herbal teas frequently brewed in Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba for their refreshing and relaxing qualities are varieties of mint and chamomile, sometimes individually and sometimes as a blend. @LesterLevi confessed to the Twitterverse that he loves our Chamomile Mint Herbal Tea with a little fat free milk, “#yoconfieso que amo el te de manzanilla y menta de #bigelow, eso si con #lechita #descremada.”

bigelow tea chamomile mint

*Finally, did you know Bigelow Tea offers bilingual packaging so that Spanish-speaking tea lovers can get to know some of its most popular teas, like Dulce Sueño and Té Verde con Mango?

Join Bigelow Tea in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Send a tweet and share your favorite Bigelow Tea! ¿Cual es tu té favorito?

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A Labor Day Summer Send-Off With Iced Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea iced Tea

If summer were a tall glass of iced Bigelow Tea, Labor Day weekend would be the last few cherished sips towards the bottom of the glass. Yes, it’s still refreshing and wonderful, but it’s almost gone … and of course you cannot wait for the next one!

Labor Day is a yearly tribute to the contributions American workers have made towards the strength, prosperity and well-being of this country, and the Bigelow family knows that the hard work of the company’s employees, who prepare over 130 flavors right here in the U.S.A., is a vital part of the success of Bigelow Tea. All workers at Bigelow and beyond deserve recognition today!

Labor Day has become one of the best-loved days of the summer, the finale of a three-day weekend when friends and family get together to make memories. Some people flock to the beach and others take camping trips in the woods … but Labor Day get-togethers almost always involve picnics or cookouts, yard games, and iced tea!

bigelow tea iced tea bottles

Fresh-brewed Bigelow Tea over ice is a traditional Labor Day beverage. There are so many varieties and flavors that taste great iced, but if you want to make life even easier, try one of Bigelow Tea’s five ready-to-drink Bottled Iced TeasSweet Orchard Peach has the classic summer flavor of fresh-picked peaches, and Simply Unsweetened has zero calories and the rich taste of organic black tea. A Labor Day classic in the making! Check them all out and extend that summer feeling!

When a good thing—be it summer or your favorite glass of iced Bigelow Tea— comes to an end, it’s important to savor those final moments and look forward to what’s coming next (which in our case is a cup of hot tea instead!). Happy Labor Day!


View Tea Art While Sipping Your Favorite Bigelow Flavor!

bigelow tea art

Bigelow Tea knows that the art of tea is an important part of enjoying a daily cup from brewing the tea to adding just the right amount of lemon, sweetener or milk. And three generations of the Bigelow family know that creating signature blends is artistic as stated by Bigelow Tea fan @GwenTraN tweeted who said, “Bigelow’s Green tea with pomegranate is such an art!”

Speaking of tea and art, a recent story on National Public Radio featured artists who create beautiful works of art using tea which was intriguing to us.

bigelow tea picture

It turns out that many artists are giving tea a second life through their artwork and what they’re producing is remarkable! One example is Russian advertising designer Andrew Gorkovenko and his dreamlike landscapes pictured above. Andrew uses dried tea leaves to build images where each picture illustrates the origin of that tea whether it be Sri Lanka, Ceylon or other locations. The results, as you can see, are glorious!

Tea inspired arts (and crafts!) come in many forms, and the NPR piece also showcases quilts by Ruth Tabancay and a kimono made of used tea bags by Wewer Keohane.

Want to try it yourself? The muse is your favorite cup of Bigelow Tea … so sip, be creative and enjoy the art of tea every day!

Images by Andrew Gorkovenko via

Ethical Tea Is Bigelow Tea’s Topic On World Humanitarian Day

bigelow tea humanitarian day

World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian acts and philanthropy work around the globe. The Bigelow Tea family is excited about this day because it celebrates the idea of being good to people all over the planet, a concept that Bigelow Tea also embraces. Yes, not only does Bigelow Tea develop delicious tea, but it takes extra steps to make sure its teas are made in an ethical manner.

For starters, third generation President and CEO Cindi Bigelow works with ethical tea gardens in Sri Lanka, India and China. These farmers, who supply the tea and herbs for Bigelow Tea blends, have been following sustainable practices for decades. In addition, the tea suppliers focus on fair working conditions and providing opportunities for locals to work under strict social and ethical guidelines.

Moreover, Bigelow Tea is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The ETP is an organization that works with tea growers to establish methods for responsible conservation of the world’s tea fields and improve the lives of the beautiful people who work them.

Check out this video of Cindi visiting some of the tea fields that have been growing quality Ceylon teas for Bigelow for 70 years.


Today, on World Humanitarian Day, it’s nice to focus on the ethics of business and the practices of Bigelow Tea. Doing the right thing is what Bigelow does. As Cindi Bigelow has said, “Being responsible is not something my family does because we can do good things, but because we strongly believe that we should and need to do good things, whether it’s for the community, for our employees, or for the environment.”


Bigelow Tea Wonders: Could Tea Really Be the New Wine?

bigelow tea classic green tea facts

At Bigelow Tea, we believe there are undeniable parallels between tea and wine and our rituals around them.  Dare we say it? Tea could very well be the new wine.

We’ve felt this way for a while, and it looks like others might be starting to agree! A growing number of people consider tea a good alternative to wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Tea brings people together. It’s often enjoyed among friends, accompanied by good conversation. You may have even heard someone say that tearooms were the original social networking sites.

After a stressful day, some people enjoy a quiet moment with a glass of wine. A warm cup of tea is an equally wonderful way to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

We’re excited about the possibility of tea gaining momentum as an alternative to wine. But if you’re not quite ready to trade your glass of wine for a cup of tea, we totally get it. Why choose?

bigelow tea iced tea pitcher

Complement the menu at your next dinner party with some tea cocktails, or cool off with a refreshing tea sangria, like our Simply Summer White Sangria(featuring Pomegranate Pizzaz herbal tea), and enjoy the best of both worlds!

bigelow tea pomegranate

For three generations, Bigelow Tea has seen trends come and go. While tea may be enjoying a “new wine” moment these days, to our family it is a tradition that stands the test of time—one that we are happy to share with new and long-time tea lovers alike.

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Bigelow Tea Has A Passion for Peach! Do You??

bigelow tea sweet otchard peach

Nothing screams summer more than taking a bite out of a fragrant, ripe peach, and remarkably, Bigelow Tea has captured that essence in a variety of beverage options. That fresh and delicious taste is brewed and bottled into the Sweet Orchard Peach flavor of the new line of Certified Organic Home Blend Teas. And if you’re on the go, fret not! Bigelow has you covered with their All Natural Peach Tea Liquid Water Enhancer. Grab a packet and add a drop or two to your water. Mmm… Now that’s peachy.

More of a tea purist? Enjoy a cup of Plantation Peach Tea from Bigelow Tea’s own Charleston Tea Plantation. Or if you prefer green teas, try Bigelow Green Tea with Peach. Served hot or over ice, this peach-infused blend bursts with flavor sure to satisfy your taste buds. Take @Radiant_Silk’s word for it: “Bigelow green tea w/ peach!! So good!”

Take heart, herbal tea lovers, Bigelow Tea’s Perfect Peach Herbal Tea is your peachy pick. Brewing it fresh for iced tea by the pitcher is a cinch with Perfect Peach Herbal Iced Tea  packaged in quart-size tea bags!

bigelow tea green with peach tea

Hot, hazy long summer days are the perfect time to celebrate this sweet, juicy and joyful fruit. So if you’re looking for a peach of a drink, look no further than Bigelow Tea!