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Give The Gift Of Bigelow Tea This Holiday Season


Party Hosts
Work Colleagues
Family and Friends
Gift Exchanges (Secret Santa, anyone?!)
Teachers and Bus Drivers
Mail Carriers …

…holy cow the holiday list is long and this probably isn’t everyone, right?  A plate of homemade cookies (BTW we’ve got the perfect recipes for some awesome cookies!!) and a card will do the trick for most of these special people, but there must be a few on the list that really deserve something a bit more….something from the heart, a gift of pure joy. We have the perfect idea: a tin or box of Bigelow Tea, specially designed by Kate D. Spain, the artist behind the KD Spain® brand!  Woohoo, perfect right?

Kate says, “When we bring something naturally beautiful into our lives, we gain a finer connection to it, to our surroundings, and to each other. New possibilities for sources of our happiness are able to root, grow, and blossom.” Wow, we could not have said it better…between the Bigelow teas and her designs, we are calling this collaboration #TeaProudly to the max!

Check out these three exclusive designs and get one or all in time for your holiday gift giving:

Limited Edition Holiday Tin of Tea (pictured above)

This limited edition tin contains an assortment of 15 of our favorite flavors that are sure to make every tea lover’s heart happy. You’ll receive 120 individually wrapped black teas, green teas, herbal teas and decaffeinated teas. And when you’ve enjoyed all the tea, you can reuse the designer tin. Refill it with tea, or use it to store special keepsakes because anything goes!

Limited Edition Tin of Tea


This limited edition tin features a gorgeous hydrangea floral pattern with a light and lovely style that can work any time of year. This tin also contains 120 individually wrapped black, green, herbal and holiday teas.

Tiled Top Tea Box


Last, but certainly not least, this limited edition wooden box measures 4″ x 6″ and contains a ceramic tile top with artwork by Kate D. Spain. The box contains 32 teabags: 8 Earl Grey,  8 Green Tea, 8 English Teatime and 8 Sweet Dreams. Once you sip your way through the tea, fill it with more of your favorite Bigelow flavors, or use it to store your recipe cards, photo prints or jewelry as a few suggestions.

Quantities are limited for each of these gifts and they’ll go fast! Be sure to snag one (or two) soon—one for the recipient, one for you (obviously!).

Bigelow Tea’s Top Five List Of Most Fun Teapots 

bigelow tea tea pots list

For 70 years, Bigelow Tea has been brewing in the kitchens of many tea lovers. Just think of how many teapots and tea kettles have been used over the years to serve a cuppa tea! Colorful, artistic, sometimes even “short and stout” (like @kvley’s beautiful cornflower blue teapot, above!), here are a few fun teapots from around the world.


Debuting about two decades after Bigelow Tea was founded in 1945, Doctor Who has collected millions of fans over the years. Depicting the Doctor’s unassuming time machine, the TARDIS, this teapot might be able to make your tea steep even faster! And ever a proper gentleman, The Doctor always has tea on-board!

bigelow tea dr who teapot

The Bigelow Tea “Chester the Cat” Teapot

Who’s feline like a cuppa tea? A well-brewed pot of tea is the cat’s meow, and so is this adorable kitten-themed teapot from Bigelow Tea! Gotta have one? Find it here.

bigelow tea cat tea pot

The Vintage Teapot

Classy and timeless, this delicate teapot looks like the perfect complement to a vintage kitchen. You can almost imagine its original owner brewing cups of Bigelow Tea “Constant Comment®” for guests throughout the years!

bigelow tea rose tea pot

The Modern Teapot

For a more 21st century vibe, check out these two gorgeous teapots. Simple yet stunning, they can be found at the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware in Hong Kong. How modern and exquisite!

bigelow tea po-mo tea pot

The Traditional Teapot

Sporting some flashy floral patterns and a ceramic body with a uniquely quilted look, this teapot looks like what you’d see at a traditional afternoon tea in the eighteenth century. No wonder it’s housed in the National Museum of Scotland! Cheers!

bigelow tea traditional tea pot

So, sit back, steep your favorite Bigelow Tea blend (or wait in anticipation like @Denise0223) and remember—whatever your mood, whichever teapot you choose, it’s what’s in the inside that counts!

Image of TARDIS teapot by F_A via Flickr
Image of vintage teapot by Rosmarie Voegtli via Flickr
Image of modern teapots by istolethetv via Flickr
Image of traditional teapot by dun_deagh via Flickr

Give The Gift Of Herbal Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea Gifts
Wintertime is a wonderful time of year to share a little tea with the ones you love. If you’re invited to a party this month or are just stopping by a friend’s house, consider bringing a Bigelow Tea gift!  January also happens to be Hot Tea Month … so a big, beautiful box featuring Bigelow Tea’s Herbal Tea Assortment is the perfect present for the tea lover in your life!

Naturally caffeine free, herbal teas can be enjoyed at any time of day. Our Herbal Tea Assortment offers 96 individually-wrapped tea bags with twelve different flavors guaranteed to please even the pickiest palate! bigelow tea cup

For the fruit lover, Pomegranate Pizzazz’s apple, blackberry, and pomegranate flavors are a sweet treat! If you prefer lemon, Bigelow I Love Lemon blends lemongrass with natural sweet lemon flavors and a daily dose of Vitamin C! Mint fans will enjoy sipping on Mint Medley or Peppermint. If relaxation is what you seek, look no further than Sweet Dreams or Cozy Chamomile! And that’s just naming a few of the favorites in this robust variety!

Facebook fan Laurel Yost says Cozy Chamomile is her “bedtime beverage almost every night!” And that’s just naming a few of the favorites in this robust variety!

Keep a box of Bigelow Tea’s Herbal Tea Assortment on hand for your next gift-giving occasion—and maybe get one for yourself as well!


A Fall Gift From Bigelow Tea

bigelow tea tea gifts

There’s no better way to warm up from a chilly fall day than with a hot cup of Bigelow Tea! Fall is full of festive activities like apple picking, scenic hikes to admire the foliage, and entertaining family and friends. Treat your loved ones to an assorted selection of Bigelow Tea’s favorite flavors with this gorgeous Fall Harvest Basket.

This autumn-themed basket offers an expansive variety of Bigelow Tea flavors that will delight any tea drinker. With 152 individually wrapped tea bags, the Fall Harvest Basket provides enough tea to last all autumn long—and maybe into the winter too!

Whether your favorite cuppa Bigelow Tea is black, green, or herbal, there are plenty of delicious varieties. You may even find a new favorite!  Display the wicker cornucopia as a centerpiece or share as a hostess gift for your favorite tea lover.  Facebook fan Gail Burlett-Dworak thinks this gift is a “nice way to welcome fall” and we agree!

Taste Bigelow Tea’s Caramel-Kissed Teas!

bigelow tea salted caramel

Caramel conjures cravings for something sweet and buttery-rich and just a bit toasty. Who can resist this decadent flavor? With Bigelow Tea‘s three caramel-kissed black teas to choose from, you’ll never have to try!

Sure, a luscious dessert drizzled with caramel sauce is an occasional treat, but Bigelow Salted Caramel TeaCaramel Chai Tea and Vanilla Caramel Tea are delicious alternatives that can be enjoyed anytime – guilt-free. Each blend captures the irresistible taste of caramelized sugar, as well as its distinctive aroma and amber-to-coppery hue. Try them all for National Caramel Month!

bigelow tea chai

Salted Caramel, the newest addition to Bigelow’s caramel lineup, is a perfect marriage of sweet and salty in an all-natural blend of black tea, chicory root and rose hips. (As Instagrammer @jenursa says, it’s #instagood!) Caramel Chai takes chai to a new level with the addition of molasses crystals and spices, while Vanilla Caramel proves that vanilla and caramel are a heavenly combination. Add a splash of milk and sweetener to any of these yummy teas to make them even more indulgent.

bigelow tea vanilla caramel

And if drinking these rich teas isn’t enough for you, how about bringing out your inner baker and making a delightful snack with a caramel tea twist? For a perfect fall muffin that melts in your mouth, try Caramel Apple Crunch Muffins, created by Bigelow Tea Fan Heather Kennedy. These caramel tea-infused muffins—which won Bigelow Tea’s recipe contest in 2011!—make a great snack or light breakfast. Give them a try!

bigelow tea caramel muffins




Bigelow Tea Facebook Fans Love Fall Teas!

Bigelow Tea seasonal teas

Bigelow Tea welcomed the fall with seasonal teas  … and Bigelow Tea Facebook fans were delighted! Hot tea and cool autumn weather certainly go hand in hand. Here’s some of what you had to say on Facebook!

*“My mid morning enjoyment, Pumpkin Spice,” said Anne Elizabeth Twohey.

*And Doris Tyler Bartlett added: “Need to get some fall flavors.”

*Linda White posted that Bigelow’s fall teas are great all year round! “I have been drinking Pumpkin Spice since I first found it, even though it was summer! It’s my absolute favorite flavor! I also like Salted Caramel quite a bit!”

*And Bigelow Tea lovers who didn’t have seasonal varieties on hand yet still enjoyed their cups of tea. Denise Darcell noted, “I don’t have pumpkin spice, but I’m sipping the heck out of what I got. Good ol’ black tea, regular.”

bigelow tea constant comment

*Fan George Wright summed it up (and posted the cool “Constant Comment”® photo, above): “I can’t think of a better way to usher in the new season.” Agreed!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Bigelow Tea’s seasonal favorites. Keep those constant comments coming!


Bigelow Tea Puts The Spotlight On The Classic And Delightful Oolong Tea!

bigelow tea oolong cupToday Bigelow Tea shines the spotlight on the delightful Oolong tea, a smooth and versatile tea from the mountains of Anxi County in the Fujian Province of China. Its copper color and rich, inviting aroma makes it an ideal tea to drink any time of day. In the early 19th century, the Queen of England gave this unique tea the name, “Oriental Beauty.”bigelow tea oolong classic

While all real “tea” comes from the Camellia sinensis plant,the distinguishing factor that determines whether a tea plant will become green, black or oolong tea is oxidation.Oxidation (or exposure to air) begins after the leaf has been plucked from the plant. The production of oolong requires that the leaves be processed directly after picking and they are oxidized for about half the time of black tea. This helps create the delicate oolong style, not too light and not too dark. Still want to know more? Check out this video, where third generation President and CEO Cindi Bigelow explains that oolong tea is “semi-fermented,” meaning it is exposed to air for about three hours.

That’s why each cup provides a delicate, consistently mellow experience that goes well with any meal. @ConteWonte tweeted that Bigelow Tea’s Oolong with a little honey and sugar is “super mellow, but a nice uplifting tea as the sun sets.” That’s right, it can be enjoyed any time of day. So, drink up and maybe even check out the setting sun.


Wake Up Your Morning With Bigelow Tea Paired With Breakfast!

tea american breakfast stacked new packaging

Are you ready to up your game for the most important meal of the day? Fueling your body in the morning is a must for overall health as it could help decrease coronary heart disease says Harvard School of Public Health’s latest study on the topic while breakfast can also keep blood sugar level throughout the day for Type 2 diabetics.

Children are also affected as research from University of Pennsylvania suggests that eating breakfast helps with overall dietary quality and better concentration, attention, and memory. So if you’re skipping breakfast, as 31 million Americans do, you’re missing out! Our suggestion? A mug of Bigelow Tea plus a few inspiring menu options which might just be your key to winning the breakfast rush!

bigelow tea waffles

One delicious breakfast food/tea combo to try is Orange and Spice Belgian Waffles with Tahitian Breeze Berry Compote paired with Bigelow’s American Breakfast Tea and Honey which has 50 percent more caffeine than regular tea (which helps to kick-start your day) and complements the sweet-tart flavors of the waffles. For those days when time is short, Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal and a cup of Bigelow English Breakfast will get you out the door in no time.

Whatever your choice for breakfast from waffles to oatmeal and everything in between (including Bigelow Tea), enjoy and stay well!



Relax with Bigelow Tea’s Cozy Chamomile

bigelow tea cozy chamomileWhen you need to take a deep breath and have a bit of “me” time, a cup of Cozy Chamomile is right in the cupboard waiting to be brewed! Bigelow Tea’s soothing and simple chamomile herbal tea is an easy choice for those quieter moments during today’s hectic times.

bigelow tea cozy chamomile box

Herbal teas aren’t actually made from camellia sinensis “tea” leaves, so they are naturally caffeine free beverages. The chamomile flower has a mellow and slightly floral character, perfect for relaxation and even for soothing a sore throat.  Bigelow Tea’s Cozy Chamomile is particularly special because the whole chamomile flower is used, carefully picked for a sweeter, rounder, more flavorful experience. And, because it’s light and refreshing, it blends beautifully with other flavors like citrus, mint and mango.

Whether you choose to sip Cozy Chamomile before bed, during a mid-day tea break or even, “after a tough night on the streets of Gotham,” (as twitter fan troy.starrett joked), you are guaranteed to enjoy a soothing and tasty cup!


Bigelow Tea Has A Passion for Peach! Do You??

bigelow tea sweet otchard peach

Nothing screams summer more than taking a bite out of a fragrant, ripe peach, and remarkably, Bigelow Tea has captured that essence in a variety of beverage options. That fresh and delicious taste is brewed and bottled into the Sweet Orchard Peach flavor of the new line of Certified Organic Home Blend Teas. And if you’re on the go, fret not! Bigelow has you covered with their All Natural Peach Tea Liquid Water Enhancer. Grab a packet and add a drop or two to your water. Mmm… Now that’s peachy.

More of a tea purist? Enjoy a cup of Plantation Peach Tea from Bigelow Tea’s own Charleston Tea Plantation. Or if you prefer green teas, try Bigelow Green Tea with Peach. Served hot or over ice, this peach-infused blend bursts with flavor sure to satisfy your taste buds. Take @Radiant_Silk’s word for it: “Bigelow green tea w/ peach!! So good!”

Take heart, herbal tea lovers, Bigelow Tea’s Perfect Peach Herbal Tea is your peachy pick. Brewing it fresh for iced tea by the pitcher is a cinch with Perfect Peach Herbal Iced Tea  packaged in quart-size tea bags!

bigelow tea green with peach tea

Hot, hazy long summer days are the perfect time to celebrate this sweet, juicy and joyful fruit. So if you’re looking for a peach of a drink, look no further than Bigelow Tea!