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Bigelow Tea Gets a Chuckle Out of How Comedian Ricky Gervais Takes His Tea

bigelow tea ricky gervais

Bigelow Tea was wondering: when your résumé includes writer, director, actor, producer, author and stand-up comedian, how do you find time for a good cup of tea? By not being too particular about how you take it, according to British funny man Ricky Gervais! In an interview with Bon Appétit, Ricky shared, “I’ll have what we call a builder’s tea, which is an English Breakfast with a little bit of milk.” He also enjoys a cup of Earl Grey or a bit of chamomile to relax.

Perhaps Ricky’s love of tea influenced the American version of The Office, which he co-produced­­. Bigelow Tea made a prominent cameo in the kitchen of the popular workplace sitcom during one of its episode! And wouldn’t it be nice if Bigelow Tea could also make a guest appearance in Ricky’s cup?  Here’s hoping that Ricky Gervais keeps a carton of milk in his fridge and a box of Bigelow Tea English Breakfast in the cupboard.

If you could host one celebrity for afternoon tea, who would you invite? Cheers!

Image by Thomas Atilla Lewis via

Fall in Love With Bigelow Tea’s Valentine’s Day Flavors

bigelow tea valentines tea

Whether you’re a tea lover, or are lovers looking for tea, Bigelow Tea has the perfect flavor to get something brewing on Valentine’s Day. Fall head over heels in love with one of Bigelow Tea’s seasonal blends, like Sweetheart Cinnamon or White Chocolate Obsession. Or, if a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day is your preference, you can’t go wrong with Bigelow’s Novus Wild Encounter Herbal Tea, a full leaf, caffeine-free blend that marries the flavors of rose hips and raspberries.

bigelow tea novus valentines

If you’re lucky in love like @lesaann98, your valentine may even surprise you and have a mug ready to go before your alarm goes off. Or, maybe you’re celebrating the day of love with a group of friends like @sarahejenks did last year: “Had a fabulous [Valentine’s] Day lunch today. It was the perfect excuse for a tea party.”

However you spend Valentine’s Day this year, may it be filled with lots of love, joy and unparalleled flavor, freshness and aroma every time you brew Bigelow Tea.

Signed, steeped and delivered, the Bigelow Tea family of flavors is yours.


Bigelow Tea Plans Its Go Green Week Event February 9-13th, 2015!

bigelow tea classic green tea

You can bet that green is one of Bigelow Tea’s favorite colors. From the outstanding family of Green Teas to the Bigelow Tea company’s Energy Conservation efforts, green is the color of the Bigelow family’s culture!  Efforts go beyond the factory doors, from the ethical and conservational practices of suppliers to your own kitchen and Bigelow Tea’s packaging – because the box, strings, tags and tea bags are completely recyclable!

So it’s no surprise that Bigelow Tea is into Go Green Week. Their Green Team has  planned an event that will be geared to refresh and heighten employees awareness of what items should be composted and recycled.  So how will you be “green” this week? Bigelow Tea fan Marcia Del Greco Posted on Facebook that she always composts her tea bags. You can even recycle the foils and tags into decorative art,as seen on Pinterest!

bigelow tea wellness

Bigelow Tea’s green conscience and principled environmental business practices are a huge part of the family business—which is marking its 70th year this year!—and is rooted in the company culture.  Bigelow Tea can now make the claim that across all 3 manufacturing facilities they are a Zero Waste to Landfill Company.

Says Cindi Bigelow, third-generation president and CEO: “Do the right thing and good things will follow.” So brew a mug of Bigelow Green Tea and embrace the power of green!


Bigelow Tea Celebrates Hot Breakfast Month with American Breakfast Tea

bigelow tea waffle recipes

Looking for a stimulating way to start the day? Bigelow Tea’s American Breakfast Tea will help energize your morning. This black tea blend is crafted with only the finest ingredients to create a delightful cup of tea with a higher caffeine content. Move over coffee because there’s almost as much caffeine in American Breakfast Tea as there is in your cuppa Joe.

What makes this alternative energy drink even better is that tea has antioxidants called polyphenols and L-Theanine, a naturally occurring compound unique to tea. When you combine this with caffeine, you get a natural, sustained energy boost! Another benefit is it enables you to be more focused on the day ahead.

bigelow tea american breakfast

Stay warm this February by enjoying your cup of American Breakfast Tea with a hot breakfast to celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month. With experts in agreement on breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you don’t want to miss out. Are you interested in cooking with Bigelow Tea? Try starting the day with pancakes or an Earl Grey Tea Loaf.

Remember: American Breakfast Tea is made in America, by an American family, for the American consumer. Enjoy Hot Breakfast Month with Bigelow Tea!


Bigelow Tea Celebrates Founder Ruth C. Bigelow’s Birthday!


btthurs_Bigelow Tea Wishes Your Family A Happy Thanksgiving!

Ruth C. Bigelow with husband David E. Bigelow Sr.

Sunday, February 8th, is a very special day as Bigelow Tea celebrates the birth of founder Ruth Campbell Bigelow! One hundred and nineteen years ago in Providence, R.I., the indomitable Ruth was born! Later, as an adult, Ruth took a great leap of faith in 1945 to launch Bigelow Tea based on a single tea she created in her kitchen: “Constant Comment®.”  What a legacy to commemorate as the Bigelow family also marks the company’s 70th anniversary this year!

Ruth will be forever remembered as a visionary whose passion for quality, family and American ingenuity continues to fuel the Bigelow Tea mission. How proud she would be to know that the business continues to be family-owned and is now America’s number one specialty tea company with more than 120 varieties blended and packaged right here in the USA!

It took determination, grit and hard work for Ruth and husband David Bigelow Sr. to achieve their version of the American dream. Driven by the belief that the country was ready for a more flavorful tea, and inspired by a Colonial recipe, Ruth spent weeks blending black tea, orange rind and sweet spices to perfect  “Constant Comment®.” It remains one of America’s best-loved teas and still generates lots of conversation, as @sharoncady shared in this heartwarming tweet:  “If friendships had a smell, ours would be #ConstantComment tea!”

Happy birthday to Ruth and her beloved Bigelow Tea … here’s to many more generations as America’s Family Tea Blenders!


Bigelow Tea Doesn’t Skip a Beat on Being Heart Healthy

bigelow tea heart mug

For 70 years, the Bigelow Tea family has put their hearts into blending their quality teas. Now in February, American Heart Month, it’s time to get to the heart of another matter: being heart healthy. During a month that also includes Wear Red Day and Women’s Heart Week, Bigelow Tea wants to make sure that fellow tea drinkers don’t skip a beat on learning more about heart disease.

Though heart disease can impact both males and females, the American Heart Association cites it as remaining the leading cause of death for 1 in 3 women each year. So along with getting the facts, be sure to maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise.

Medical studies have shown that tea could help your ticker and can serve as a good beverage option for watching daily sugar intake! In fact, Bigelow Tea “hearts” @jasonmattick for tweeting about turning to Bigelow’s English Teatime as a way to give up soda. Way to go, Jason!

So during the rest of February, and long after, keep your heart healthy and drink some Bigelow Tea.

Image by knitlovesteph via Instagram

Bigelow Tea Announces Hot Tea Month Sweepstakes Winners!

bigelow tea hot tea month sweeps

We are so excited to announce the 12 winners of our Hot Tea Month Sweepstakes who will take home a fantastic All Occasion Gift Basket brimming with teas and treats! Congrats to the winners, and thank you to all our wonderful Bigelow Tea consumers for joining our celebration of both Hot Tea Month and the company’s 70th anniversary as America’s family tea blenders!

Below is the list of winners. Please look for our email confirming your mailing address, but do be patient as it might take us up to 30 days to reach you. Enjoy!!

Virginia from Connecticut

Theresa from Pennsylvania

Jennifer from Massachusetts

Melissa from New York

Chris from California

Denise from Illinois

Christina from Texas

Joanne from Nevada

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania

Julie from Ohio

Mary from Illinois

Laura from North Dakota

Fall In Love With Bigelow Tea’s Valentine Sweepstakes!

bigelow tea valentines sweeps

You’ll love the Bigelow Tea Valentine Sweepstakes starting TODAY … and featuring two tantalizing teas to warm your heart and the hearts of those you love! 14 winners in all!

February is all about sharing the love, and the Valentine Tea Duet makes a perfect gift. Both teas are available year-round on the Bigelow Tea website. After all, love is always in season!

Each Valentine Tea Duet includes one box each of the following teas (40 tea bags in all):

Bigelow White Chocolate Obsession Tea – Blends the taste of rich, decadent chocolate and robust black tea.

Bigelow Sweetheart Cinnamon Herb Tea – Gently kissed with sweet apple and the warming flavor of cinnamon hearts!

To enter, go to the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, click on the sweepstakes icon under the large cover photo or on the side of the page. Share the sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter to get more entries. You can enter once per day until the sweeps ends on February 27. On a mobile device? Please use this link instead:

Be sure to check the Bigelow Tea blog to see if you’re one of the 14 lucky winners!  Good luck, and happy Valentine’s Day!


Last Chance To Enter Bigelow Tea’s Hot Tea Month Sweepstakes!

bigelow tea hot tea month sweeps

Have you entered the Bigelow Tea Hot Tea Month Sweepstakes? There’s still time to join the celebration and win an All Occasion Gift Basket … but hurry, the sweepstakes ends TODAY! 12 winners in all!

Head over to the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, click on the sweepstakes icon under the large cover photo or on the side of the page, and follow the entry instructions. The sweeps ends at midnight EST on January 30. If you’re using a mobile device, please use this link to enter instead:

Each All Occasion Gift Basket includes the following:

  • Willow tray
  • Assortment of Bigelow Tea black, green and herb teas – 8 each of 9 varieties, 72 tea bags in all
  • Two exclusively designed ceramic Bigelow Tea 16-oz mugs (microwave and dishwasher safe)
  • All-natural tea honey, 3 oz
  • All-natural pure butter key lime shortbread cookies, 5.7 oz
  • Butter pecan praline cookies, 7 oz

We at Bigelow Tea are excited as our family-owned business celebrates not only Hot Tea Month, but also 70 years of blending and packaging teas in America, starting with “Constant Comment®”! This tasty and timeless tea was created by matriarch and founder Ruth Campbell Bigelow in her kitchen in 1945 and remains one of America’s best-loved teas. Never tried this delightful blend of black tea, orange and sweet spice? Hot Tea Month is the perfect time to explore different flavors … Bigelow Tea now has more than 120!

Good luck! The 12 lucky winners will be announced on the Bigelow Tea blog!


American Traditions of Bigelow Tea and The Big Game!

bigelow tea big game

Bigelow Tea is proud of its American heritage and the family run business that is rooted firmly in the American dream. American-made institutions and home-made pride are also a part of the biggest game of the year (number XLIX, or 49!) which is being played February 1st at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. Will you be watching with your family and friends … and maybe sipping the brew known as Bigelow Tea? Bigelow Tea fan Lesa Ann Moats tweeted that while all Bigelow Teas are great, the Green Tea is her favorite!  So here’s to a super day with Bigelow Tea!

bigelow tea green tea

This year, when you watch the New England Patriots play the Seattle Seahawks, remember that the pageantry, the intense play and the celebrated half time show showcasing superstar Katy Perry are all American, all the way—just like Bigelow Tea!

Image by Great Degree via