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Bigelow Tea Takes A Look At The Oldest Tea Book In The World

bigelow tea classics of tea

Bigelow Tea has written about the ancient history of tea as well as its own 70 year history of proudly producing the finest tea in America. Previously, Bigelow Tea shared a bit of information about the oldest tea book in the world, The Classic of Tea, by Chinese writer Lu YüThe Classic of Tea is a fascinating book looking at tea’s many components, all described precisely, from growing to production and preparation.

The Classic of Tea’s message of mindfulness and respecting the preparation of tea is fundamental to Bigelow Tea’s own history and success. Dedication to the details defines Bigelow Tea and has for three generations of the Bigelow family as witnessed by David C. Bigelow when he hand painted tea labels for his mother Ruth back in 1945 as well as third generation president and CEO Cindi Bigelow example of sharing via video the steps required to make “the perfect cup of tea.”

bigelow tea historyHand painted Bigelow tea can, circa 1945!

The hard work and passion started by Ruth 70 years ago continues today which is why Bigelow tea is the #1 specialty tea leader in the U.S! As the Bigelow family always says, “we hope our tea delights you!”


Bigelow Tea And Conservation

bigelow tea charleston tea plantation

For Bigelow Tea, conserving land and caring for the environment is a top priority. That’s why the Charleston Tea Plantation is far more than just a place to grow the tea leaves that are harvested for Bigelow’s American Classic Teas. The tea garden on South Carolina’s Wadmalaw Island is a thriving example of the Bigelow family’s commitment to conservation.

Here’s the story. In the book “My Mother Loved Tea,” David Bigelow explains that his family got a phone call from one of the plantation’s original owners asking for help to save it from being shut down. It hadn’t produced tea for a number of years, yet it was still a much-loved local treasure.

At first, the Bigelow family was torn about bidding on the plantation, but when they learned of a real estate developer’s interest, they sprung into action. After obtaining the property in 2003, and giving it a little TLC, the Bigelows opened Charleston Tea Plantation three years later.

Today, the tea fields contribute to local tourism and economic growth as tea lovers flock to see the gardens and sample the made-in-the-USA teas! Thanks @Tom Williams for posting that it’s “A great place to visit. Truly one of a kind.” When it comes to sustainability, Bigelow Tea knows that taking steps to preserve green spaces is the right thing to do.


Treat Your Taste Buds With Bigelow’s New Liquid Water Enhancers

bigelow tea liquid water enhancers

In a hurry? On the go? Bigelow Tea is making sure you always have your favorite flavors on hand with the line of All Natural Liquid Water Enhancers which are a great substitute for sugary drinks. Savor the delicious taste of Bigelow Tea’s most popular varieties, and customize your drink with ease. Craving a specific blend? Liquid Water Enhancers come in four distinct flavors: Half & Half Iced Tea & LemonadePeach TeaPomegranate Green Tea, and Raspberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea.

Bigelow Tea Liquid Water Enhancers are made with one simple philosophy: No Artificial Anything. Reflecting the Bigelow family’s commitment to quality, each enhancer is made with real tea and all natural flavors, simply adding a dash of deliciousness to your water. Everyone knows that hydration is important to your health and well-being, but it always feels like time is short and water is the last thing on your mind. So, why not make your daily water regimen a little bit more enjoyable while you’re playing sports, heading to the beach, camping, boating, hiking or simply running errands?

If you think Bigelow blends are “the nectar of life right now” like @TheVeronicaDuff does, don’t delay in picking up a pack of Bigelow Tea Liquid Water Enhancers to keep you fueled with flavor all day long. Don’t just drink your water, love it!


Bigelow Tea Rallies Behind The USO

bigelow tea news

Reaching out to a high school friend, Bigelow Tea’s third-generation President and CEO Cindi Bigelow cemented the company’s relationship with the United Service Organizations (USO), making it an official sponsor of the non-profit organization that supports the U.S. military community.

Bigelow Tea first partnered with the USO when Cindi reached out to high school friend Jeff Hill, now the USO’s Regional Vice President for the U.S., to develop a path for distributing 100% American grown tea, grown at the company’s Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina, to troops as a heartfelt way of saying “thank you” for the huge sacrifices they make. Bigelow Tea is now committing to donating a minimum of 350,000 tea bags annually to the USO. The tea bags will be used to support the USO’s ongoing mission of lifting the spirits of America’s troops and their families.

bigelow american classic teaThis commitment ensures the continuation of Bigelow’s already existing Tea for the Troops program, launched by Cindi in 2009. To date, the Tea for the Troops program has donated more than 4 million tea bags to U.S. service personnel.

bigelow american classic

This year, Bigelow Tea also became a financial sponsor of the USO’s 2015 Warrior Week that recently took place, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in association with the USO of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia Inc. In addition, Cindi and Bigelow Tea Project Manager Tim Richmond, an Iraq war veteran, cycled alongside service men and women in Warrior Week’s Ride 2 Recovery Memorial Challenge that culminated in Virginia Beach. This was their third Ride 2 Recovery event.

“It is such a moving experience, and an honor, to ride along with our veterans,” said Cindi. “Not a single soldier had one word of complaint. Just listening to them makes you truly realize the magnitude of what these heroes selflessly do to protect our country. It is why it is so important to give back. I must have cried a dozen times when I walked away from these conversations. Not with pity but with tremendous admiration for them,” she said.

And, she added, “At Bigelow Tea, whose company mission it is to enrich life’s everyday moments by infusing passion into all we do, we are grateful to our service men and women, to Jeff Hill and the USO for allowing us to be even a small piece of everything they do to improve the lives of our beautiful troops.”


Bigelow Tea Pours Out Tea Wisdom From The Oldest Tea Book In The World

bigelow tea facts and history

Bigelow tea recognizes the deep impact that tea has played in American history as well as world history. And as Bigelow Tea is celebrating its 70th year in 2015 (Bigelow Tea fan Jackie Lee tweets that she loves the 70th Anniversary packaging!) history is deep in the values of this family-run company. But let’s go back further… like 2,500 years, when tea was considered a medicinal brew including herbs, seeds and leaves found in Southwest China.

Over the next 1,000 years, tea’s popularity spread throughout Asia, becoming imbedded in religious and social culture. By the Tang Dynasty (AD 618–907) specific tea etiquette was essential, and Chinese writer Lu Yü wrote The Classic of Tea, the oldest known tea book! Lu Yü wrote of Tea as an expression of harmony and order, stressing the need to slow down when making and drinking tea.

bigelow tea Ruth Bigelow

Of course Bigelow Tea has its own classic book, My Mother Loved Tea, a loving tribute from David C. Bigelow to Bigelow Tea Matriarch Ruth Campbell Bigelow. Current President and CEO Cindi Bigelow – David’s daughter and Ruth’s granddaughter – says “This book does such a terrific job … it recounts the beginning years perfectly!!”  70 years may not reach back to the Tang dynasty, but just taste what three generations of passionate tea lovers have done!


Chill Out With Bigelow’s New Certified Organic Home Blend Iced Teas

bigelow tea organics

Looking for a cool new way to enjoy Bigelow Tea? Try our new line of certified organic, brewed and bottled iced teas. Bigelow® Home Blend Iced Teas are an easy option for enjoying the refreshing, made-at-home taste of iced tea. And the Bigelow family does the brewing, chilling and bottling for you—all right here in the USA!

Spoil yourself with one or all of these flavors:  Half and Half Tea and LemonadeCitrus Pomegranate Green TeaMango Lychee Green TeaSweet Orchard Peach and Simply Unsweetened. All five flavor varieties of Bigelow Home Blend Iced Tea are certified USDA Organic—made from organic tea leaves and natural flavor ingredients. They’re also non-GMO, gluten free, and offer the benefits of polyphenols, the naturally occurring compound that makes tea so healthy for you. In fact, Bigelow Home Blend Iced Teas contain polyphenols equal to a cup of green tea and are one of the few bottled teas that can make this claim! Go simple with the zero-calorie unsweetened variety or savor four varieties that are lightly sweetened with real organic cane sugar … they’re 70 calories or less per serving!

It’s summer, and in the words of Bigelow Tea fan @CensieJ, “The heat is on!” Follow her lead by offering guests mason jars full of tea. For ease and convenience, just pour some Home Blend—like Sweet Orchard Peach or Half and Half Tea and Lemonade—at your next summer gathering.

If brewing your own is your thing, Bigelow Tea, third generation president and CEO Cindi Bigelow can show you how, but for unbeatable convenience and flavor, pop open a bottle of Bigelow Home Blend Iced Tea. It’s a made-at-home taste that’s so good, Bigelow had to bottle it!


Bigelow Tea Loves A Star-Studded Tea Party

bigelow tea celebrity

For your next girls’ night out, how about a get-together featuring Bigelow Tea? Just picture it: laughing with your BFFs while sipping Bigelow Tea and jamming out to your favorite Selena Gomez song with gal pals like T-Swizzle and Ellie Goulding. Because who knows tea parties better than these rock stars, right? Recently, this group of glamorous girlfriends—which also included two members of Haim—met for tea in Las Vegas. Goulding captioned this Instagram photo with this: “Well this is bloody chill.” Totally.

Which Bigelow Tea blend do you think fits your inner star best? Perhaps the timeless “Constant Comment®” or a mug of the ever-so-classy Earl Grey? Hmmm… maybe the unique flavor of Organic Rooibos with Asian Pear or the sweet and spicy Cinnamon Stick? Whichever one it is, a party with any of these women would rock!


Bigelow Tea Wonders If You Add Milk To Tea

bigelow tea vanilla chai

The beauty of tea is that each drinker can customize his or her cup and decide whether to include milk, honey, sugar or even a slice of lemon! While some parts of making the perfect cup of Bigelow Tea are a must per third generation president and CEO, Cindi Bigelow, who always recommends putting in the tea bag in first before pouring over the water—other options are a matter of personal choice.

One hotly debated topic in the tea world is do you add milk or not to your tea, so let’s talk about milk today. If you do like to add milk, do you know when to add it in? Does the milk go in first or the hot water? The British Standards Institute (BSI) believes to have the answer to this tea community discussion. They state that the milk is best poured before the tea and that the brewing water should not be above 185°F to prevent scalding the milk. Of course not all tea drinkers agree with the BSI. Author George Orwell prefers pouring his milk in last to control the ratio of milk to tea. Even Queen Elizabeth II reportedly enjoys her tea by adding the milk afterwards!

bigelow tea spiced chai

Bigelow Tea’s delicious chai tea varieties are amazing with milk and sugar like our classic Spiced ChaiFacebook Fan Virginia Gordon thinks Vanilla Chai is “delicious with a splash of cream and teaspoon of sugar!” The good news is that whether you add your cream or milk before or after the hot water, Bigelow Tea’s spicy chai flavors will make an amazing cuppa! Enjoy!


Soothe Your Soul With Bigelow Sweet Dreams® Herbal Tea

bigelow tea sweet dreams mug

Bigelow Tea appreciates the value of a good night’s sleep after a long day. And everyone knows there’s no better way to slow things down than with a comforting cup of tea. If you’re looking for the perfect blend before getting ready for bed, look no further than Bigelow Tea Sweet Dreams® Herbal Tea.

With one soothing whiff of its sweet chamomile flowers and peppermint leaves, you will know you are in for a relaxing treat! Chamomile is a daisy-like flower known best for its sweet, smooth taste, as well as its calming effects. As for peppermint, you can’t go wrong its cool taste and ever-so-refreshing scent. Combined, chamomile and peppermint are quite the dynamic duo.

In addition to the blend of chamomile and mint, Sweet Dreams® also offers a spicy-meets-floral hint of hibiscus, rose blossoms, spearmint, spice and orange blossoms. You can rest easy knowing that every sip will deliver quality and exceptional taste.

Naturally caffeine-free, Sweet Dreams® is also a great choice for those hectic moments during your day that deserve a pause. Plus, it works well for when you’re feeling under the weather, as @claysnails recommends. Why not give Sweet Dreams® a try tonight? Sleep tight, tea lovers!

bigelow tea sweet dreams

Bigelow Tea Goes Wild for Blueberries

Bigelow Tea blueberry

It’s not just summertime that’s synonymous with fresh ingredients bursting with flavor—Bigelow Tea is, too! With highest quality crafted varieties, you can always be sure to find a blend that matches the season to a tee. This July, take some time to celebrate National Blueberry Month with a cup of Wild Blueberry with Acai Herbal Tea.

With a perfect balance of flavor, this divine Bigelow blend offers a mouthwatering combination of sweet wild blueberries and tart acai (pronounced AH-sigh-EE). Both blueberries and acai berries are armed with antioxidants—nutrients that may help protect you from cell damage and different health conditions. Other palate-pleasers like hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves and cinnamon round out this blend, making it the quintessential summer beverage.

Prepare it iced, hot, mixed in a cocktail, or add it to a fab recipe like Melon and Blueberry Fruit Salad, and know that Wild Blueberry with Acai Herbal Tea won’t disappoint. Toast National Blueberry Month and take your tea to the next level by adding a handful of fresh blueberries like @beautifullyunique_ did! Mmmm… Now that makes an invigorating and refreshing treat! Betcha won’t be able to stop at just one cup!