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Bigelow Tea Highlights Tea Traditions In Hispanic Countries

bigelow tea facts and history

Bigelow Tea appreciates that while traditions and preferences may vary among regions and cultures, tea is the most popular beverage around the world. This month, Bigelow Tea is taking the opportunity to celebrate Hispanic heritage and to recognize the history, culture, and contributions of American citizens with roots in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Here are a few Hispanic tea tidbits!

bigelow tea facts

*Chile is a major tea-drinking country, influenced heavily by British settlers. At teatime, called onces  (like the British elevenses)Chileans enjoy traditional black teas, like Earl Grey along with light snacks.

*In Argentina (the world’s ninth largest producer of tea), you’ll find Welsh and British tea culture alive and well—particularly in Argentina’s southernmost region, Patagonia. There, traditional tea is served in the late afternoon with scones, finger sandwiches, and tarts.

*The Dominican Republic and Mexico share a love for Hibiscus tea, Jamaica in Spanish (ha-MY-cah). In Mexico, Agua de Jamaica is enjoyed cold and sweet. The Bigelow family loves Hibiscus, too. In fact, Hibiscus is used to give depth and dimension to many Bigelow Tea herbal teas like Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea and of course Cranberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea.

bigelow tea cranberry hibiscus

*Two herbal teas frequently brewed in Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba for their refreshing and relaxing qualities are varieties of mint and chamomile, sometimes individually and sometimes as a blend. @LesterLevi confessed to the Twitterverse that he loves our Chamomile Mint Herbal Tea with a little fat free milk, “#yoconfieso que amo el te de manzanilla y menta de #bigelow, eso si con #lechita #descremada.”

bigelow tea chamomile mint

*Finally, did you know Bigelow Tea offers bilingual packaging so that Spanish-speaking tea lovers can get to know some of its most popular teas, like Dulce Sueño and Té Verde con Mango?

Join Bigelow Tea in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Send a tweet and share your favorite Bigelow Tea! ¿Cual es tu té favorito?

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Wake Up Your Morning With Bigelow Tea Paired With Breakfast!

tea american breakfast stacked new packaging

Are you ready to up your game for the most important meal of the day? Fueling your body in the morning is a must for overall health as it could help decrease coronary heart disease says Harvard School of Public Health’s latest study on the topic while breakfast can also keep blood sugar level throughout the day for Type 2 diabetics.

Children are also affected as research from University of Pennsylvania suggests that eating breakfast helps with overall dietary quality and better concentration, attention, and memory. So if you’re skipping breakfast, as 31 million Americans do, you’re missing out! Our suggestion? A mug of Bigelow Tea plus a few inspiring menu options which might just be your key to winning the breakfast rush!

bigelow tea waffles

One delicious breakfast food/tea combo to try is Orange and Spice Belgian Waffles with Tahitian Breeze Berry Compote paired with Bigelow’s American Breakfast Tea and Honey which has 50 percent more caffeine than regular tea (which helps to kick-start your day) and complements the sweet-tart flavors of the waffles. For those days when time is short, Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal and a cup of Bigelow English Breakfast will get you out the door in no time.

Whatever your choice for breakfast from waffles to oatmeal and everything in between (including Bigelow Tea), enjoy and stay well!



A Labor Day Summer Send-Off With Iced Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea iced Tea

If summer were a tall glass of iced Bigelow Tea, Labor Day weekend would be the last few cherished sips towards the bottom of the glass. Yes, it’s still refreshing and wonderful, but it’s almost gone … and of course you cannot wait for the next one!

Labor Day is a yearly tribute to the contributions American workers have made towards the strength, prosperity and well-being of this country, and the Bigelow family knows that the hard work of the company’s employees, who prepare over 130 flavors right here in the U.S.A., is a vital part of the success of Bigelow Tea. All workers at Bigelow and beyond deserve recognition today!

Labor Day has become one of the best-loved days of the summer, the finale of a three-day weekend when friends and family get together to make memories. Some people flock to the beach and others take camping trips in the woods … but Labor Day get-togethers almost always involve picnics or cookouts, yard games, and iced tea!

bigelow tea iced tea bottles

Fresh-brewed Bigelow Tea over ice is a traditional Labor Day beverage. There are so many varieties and flavors that taste great iced, but if you want to make life even easier, try one of Bigelow Tea’s five ready-to-drink Bottled Iced TeasSweet Orchard Peach has the classic summer flavor of fresh-picked peaches, and Simply Unsweetened has zero calories and the rich taste of organic black tea. A Labor Day classic in the making! Check them all out and extend that summer feeling!

When a good thing—be it summer or your favorite glass of iced Bigelow Tea— comes to an end, it’s important to savor those final moments and look forward to what’s coming next (which in our case is a cup of hot tea instead!). Happy Labor Day!


Bigelow Tea Wants To Know Your Tea-Drinking Habits! Take Our Survey Today!

bigelow tea relax mug

At Bigelow Tea we know that everyone has their own tea drinking routines, and we understand that tea can be enjoyed for multiple reasons…you may gulp down three cups to jump start your sleepy Monday morning or enjoy one cup of tea while you curl up with a great book. Perhaps sipping on different Bigelow tea flavors throughout the day based on your mood of the moment is more your style.

Whether you savor a cup of calm and relaxing or need to guzzle your tea for an extra jolt of energy before work, we want to know your daily Bigelow Tea drinking habits. Tell us in our new survey below…

Which Category Best Describes Your Tea-Drinking Habits?

Tea sipper

Tea savorer

Tea guzzler


Do Your Body—And Community—Good: Run With Bigelow Tea on September 27

bigelow tea community challenge

This fall, mark your calendars for the 28th Annual Bigelow Tea Community Challenge, taking place on Sunday, September 27, and join the fun! Brought to you by Bigelow Tea, the family-friendly event is a major support to the community, and more than 1,000 runners, walkers and children participate.

In 2014, the Bigelow Tea Community Challenge raised $131,000, bringing the total raised since its inception to $1.1 million dollars. And the best part? 100% of the funds are donated to local charities that provide shelter, educational services, counseling, crisis management services, after-school tutoring, recreational programs and food to people and organizations in need. Funds benefit nearly 20 nonprofit organizations in Connecticut!

Need more reasons run? Registrants can enjoy complimentary food and beverages, prizes include Bigelow Tea, and there’s free childcare. Of course, a race like this would not be possible without its volunteers and the Bigelow family. Click here to get your registration started now!


Bigelow Tea Loves A Royal Tea To Break The Ice!

Bigelow earl grey tea celebrity

What happens when Hollywood royalty meets British royalty at Kensington Palace? Tea is served, of course! Bigelow Tea knows that sharing tea is a lovely way for new friends to connect, and it sounds like afternoon tea turned out to be the perfect ice breaker when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visited Kate Middleton and Prince William in June for the first time!

People magazine reported that Brad and Angie zipped over to Kensington Palace for this high-powered tea with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge following a luncheon Angie attended in London.  A palace spokesman told People that the couples discussed their mutual interest in combating the illegal wildlife trade and spent much more time together than originally planned.

Bigelow Tea Earl Grey

Naturally, Bigelow Tea is having fun imagining what type of tea was served (and would love to have been a fly on the wall!). A classic black tea like English Breakfast or English Teatime, perhaps? Or maybe Earl Grey? Bigelow Tea uses real oil of bergamot from one special garden in Calabria, Italy, to create an Earl Grey fit for, well, royalty! It’s @SFereshetian‘s choice for teatime.

What’s your favorite Bigelow Tea to share with new friends? Do tell!


Image of William and Kate by Charles LeBlanc via

Image of Brad and Angelina by Nils Sautter via

View Tea Art While Sipping Your Favorite Bigelow Flavor!

bigelow tea art

Bigelow Tea knows that the art of tea is an important part of enjoying a daily cup from brewing the tea to adding just the right amount of lemon, sweetener or milk. And three generations of the Bigelow family know that creating signature blends is artistic as stated by Bigelow Tea fan @GwenTraN tweeted who said, “Bigelow’s Green tea with pomegranate is such an art!”

Speaking of tea and art, a recent story on National Public Radio featured artists who create beautiful works of art using tea which was intriguing to us.

bigelow tea picture

It turns out that many artists are giving tea a second life through their artwork and what they’re producing is remarkable! One example is Russian advertising designer Andrew Gorkovenko and his dreamlike landscapes pictured above. Andrew uses dried tea leaves to build images where each picture illustrates the origin of that tea whether it be Sri Lanka, Ceylon or other locations. The results, as you can see, are glorious!

Tea inspired arts (and crafts!) come in many forms, and the NPR piece also showcases quilts by Ruth Tabancay and a kimono made of used tea bags by Wewer Keohane.

Want to try it yourself? The muse is your favorite cup of Bigelow Tea … so sip, be creative and enjoy the art of tea every day!

Images by Andrew Gorkovenko via

Relax with Bigelow Tea’s Cozy Chamomile

bigelow tea cozy chamomileWhen you need to take a deep breath and have a bit of “me” time, a cup of Cozy Chamomile is right in the cupboard waiting to be brewed! Bigelow Tea’s soothing and simple chamomile herbal tea is an easy choice for those quieter moments during today’s hectic times.

bigelow tea cozy chamomile box

Herbal teas aren’t actually made from camellia sinensis “tea” leaves, so they are naturally caffeine free beverages. The chamomile flower has a mellow and slightly floral character, perfect for relaxation and even for soothing a sore throat.  Bigelow Tea’s Cozy Chamomile is particularly special because the whole chamomile flower is used, carefully picked for a sweeter, rounder, more flavorful experience. And, because it’s light and refreshing, it blends beautifully with other flavors like citrus, mint and mango.

Whether you choose to sip Cozy Chamomile before bed, during a mid-day tea break or even, “after a tough night on the streets of Gotham,” (as twitter fan troy.starrett joked), you are guaranteed to enjoy a soothing and tasty cup!


Bigelow Tea is Steeped in Admiration for Judi Dench

Bigelow Tea Celebrity

Actress Dame Judi Dench was spotted with a cup of black tea with honey while doing an interview for her film, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. A star of stage and screen in England for decades, Dame Judi has been known for often playing dignified, strong willed women in positions of authority which we appreciate as Bigelow Tea is a third generation family run business started by Ruth Campbell Bigelow over 70 years ago.

A recent quote by Dame Judi Dench, “celebrate the things you can do and also try to do new things” could apply to drinking tea as well…celebrate our English Teatime while trying something new like Bigelow Home Blend organic Iced Teas. What is on your list of new Bigelow tea flavors to try?

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Bigelow Tea Taps Into Water Conservation Measures

bigelow tea conservation

Bigelow Tea knows that quality water is essential in making a good cup of tea, and that this key ingredient must not go to waste! In giving H20 some TLC, the family-owned company, led by third generation President and CEO Cindi Bigelow, has installed devices at their Connecticut, Idaho, and Kentucky locations to cut down on any unnecessary water usage.

Bigelow Tea’s HQ in Fairfield implemented water-saving techniques that range from putting a rain sensor on an outside irrigation system to placing low flow aerators on every sink. Restrooms have been equipped with automatic shut off faucets (like the one shown above), waterless urinals and automatic valves on toilets and urinals.

With the Boise plant being in a region with very light rainfall, Bigelow Tea employees installed more energy efficient faucets and appliances to stop drips and leaks. And they sound icky, but new waterless urinals will save over 60,000 gallons per year.

At Bigelow’s Louisville site, water-saving devices similar to Fairfield’s have been placed in just about every area, including the kitchen sinks!

Bigelow Tea also likes hearing how tea fans act sustainably and how they get good water for their tea. Facebook fan Sheryl Gowen uses filtered water from her fridge dispenser, never bottled water, for her tea. Thanks for sharing!