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More Good News on Green Tea in Fighting Prostate Cancer

We have mentioned several reports on the healthful benefits of Green Tea, covering a range of conditions including heart disease, cancer and even dementia. We are happy to see that scientists as well as Tea Lovers are taking these health benefits to heart! Now, new research published in the US journal Cancer Prevention Research, finds that a chemical found in green tea appears to slow the progression of prostate cancer.

In this study, Philadelphia-based researchers tested a compound called Polyphenon E., and results pointed to a significant decline in certain biomarkers – molecules that are indicators of developing cancer. Dr James Cardelli, from the Prostate Cancer Charity who led the study, said that this Polyphenon E. compound “may have the potential to lower the incidence and slow the progression of prostate cancer.”

John Neate, chief executive of the Prostate Cancer Charity, said: “The results of this study suggest that there is merit in further research into the effects of extracts of green tea…on the prevention of prostate cancer and in controlling progression in men already diagnosed with the disease.”

More research includes another clinical study, recently reported at the 96th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.  Research leader Saverio Bettuzzi, Ph.D. stated “Numerous earlier studies, including ours, have demonstrated july-teacupthat green tea catechins…inhibited cancer cell growth in laboratory models.” Bettuzzi explained, “We wanted to conduct a clinical trial to find out whether catechins could prevent cancer in men. The answer clearly is yes.”

At Bigelow Tea, we believe in the simple and healthful powers of Green tea, and there’s one area of research that we all to take part in – and that’s a great cup of tea to start your day or take a well deserved break.

Here’s to your health!

It’s a Hot Item: Tea – Celebrate Tea’s Health Benefits During “National Hot Tea Month”

January is “National Hot Tea Month.”  What better time to cozy up with a nice, hot cup of Bigelow Tea?  Make tea a part of your daily routine.  After all, tea is one way to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  Perhaps being healthier tops your list of New Year’s Resolutions?  This antioxidant, nutrient-rich beverage has been credited with protecting against and helping to lower the risk of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, stroke as well as many forms of cancer.

There’s no excuse.  Bigelow Tea has a flavor for every palette.  Try Green Tea with Pomegranate or the ever popular Constant Comment tea.  It’s easy.  Shop online at or at your local supermarket.  Wait…there’s more…be sure to check the Bigelow website and blog on a regular basis for recipes, entertainment ideas, more health facts and celebrity tea sightings.