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Bigelow Tea Knows Austin Mahone Is A Fan Of Sweet Tea

Bigelow Tea sweet tea

Teen singing sensation Austin Mahone has a sweet spot for tea. Yes, Bigelow Tea recently read a Q&A with Austin in US Magazine where he revealed that he’s actually “obsessed” with it!

In the article, the 18 year-old pop star shares 25 things “you don’t know about me,” and #3 is: “I’m really obsessed with drinking sweet tea.” Now “sweet tea”—iced tea with lots of sugar—is a big part of life down south, and because Austin was born in Texas and now lives in Miami, he’s got good reason to love sipping sweet iced tea. The Bigelow Family has strong ties to the south too, growing American Classic Tea right in Charleston, SC on its own Charleston Tea Plantation!

Bigelow Iced Tea is delicious when sweetened or not, so if Austin or any of his fans, known as “Mahomies” want to brew some of their own, maybe they’ll give one of Bigelow Tea’s many varieties a try!

If iced tea is your favorite summer drink—we know it’s yours @AyahNimer!—do you like it sweet? And which Bigelow Tea variety do you use most often?

Bigelow Tea Get Ready For Summer Sweepstakes Winners Announced



We are so excited to announce the winners of our Get Ready For Summer Sweepstakes.  Note that we will contact you via email to confirm your mailing address.  If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks, check your spam folder and if you find nothing, leave a comment here on the blog.  Congrats and enjoy your iced tea!

Joseph from Maryland

Dawn from Texas

Jenna from New York

M from Florida

Christine from California

Alex from California

Rita from California

Carol from New Hampshire

Elina from Illinois

Stacy from Ontario

Rita from Massachusetts

Shawna from Maine

Poneh from California

Connie from Alberta

Kim from Colorado

Leigh from South Carolina

Sharon from Vermont

Debbie from Wisconsin

Brenda from Florida

Stacey from Illinois

Bigelow Tea’s Cindi Bigelow Has the Recipe For a Refreshing Iced Tea Month

 What’s better for celebrating Iced Tea Month than warm weather and cool, refreshing Bigelow iced tea! Well, how about a perfect summer recipe for a refreshing twist?  Here, Bigelow Tea President Cindi Bigelow chats with Amelie Wilson of News 12 Connecticut on What’s Cooking?, about some serious (but seriously easy!) culinary tea magic.


Is your mouth watering just thinking about that harmonious blend of Pomegranate Pizzazz in a tangy, light summer salad? Now add a tall glass of your favorite invigorating Bigelow Tea—chilled with Bigelow Tea ice cubes!—and watch Cindi share some great fresh-brewed ice tea tips!


Drew Barrymore Can’t Get Enough Iced Tea


Thanks to for the Image

Has it really been more than 25 years since Drew Barrymore first stole our hearts in the film E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial?

Coming from a legendary Hollywood family, Barrymore has definitely proven herself in the acting world.  She has even found success in the dual role of producer and actress on hit films like Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

With that schedule, it’s no secret this girl’s got some serious stamina! We at Bigelow Tea think that she can attribute some of her energy to all that iced tea she’s been drinking.  Whether it’s meeting with a former boyfriend or just a quick stop on the way to run some errands, she definitely stays healthy and hydrated with some delicious iced tea!

In fact, tea even has this actress singing — catch her in the critically acclaimed biopic Grey Gardens singing the song “Tea for Two!”

Summertime at Bigelow

Sorry it has been a while since my last entry, the summer has really gone by way too fast.  You would think by that statement that I was enjoying my summer, but to be honest I could barely say it is summer.

But that is all going to change.

I promised myself starting this week, I am going to make the most of this summer!  I am going to walk in the morning before I come to work and I am going to try and leave by 6 pm each night and do something “summery.”  What does that mean?  Play tennis, play a few (emphasis on a few) holes of golf or even better have dinner on the beach.

I still have some weeks to go and I plan on packing in the good times.  Okay enough whining.

On a business note, our company has had the best July and August (well at least the first couple of weeks so far of August-month isn’t over yet) in our history. To all you tea drinkers buying our tea in the summer THANK YOU!   I hope you are making fresh brewed iced tea and even coming up with a few of your favorites to make your own recipe.

Okay, just a short entry today.  Time to get ready to have a backyard bbq.

Cindi Bigelow

I and Others Love Our Constant Comment Iced Tea!

I love my Constant Comment® iced tea so much that I drag an insulated sports bottle around with me wherever I go, especially when I plan on having to do something that requires a lot of time. So I fill up the sports bottle with ice, Constant Comment®, sugar and a straw and carry it with me to our stallion barn, to have when holding horses for our farrier, and out to the wash rack when bathing the horses. In fact just about everywhere.

One afternoon, I had the ultimate in time consuming tasks to perform; washing, combing out tangles, and braiding our Thoroughbred stallion, Miraculus Time’s beautiful thick floor length red chestnut tail. After a trip to the wash rack, I tied him up close to his wall mounted grain bin, grabbed the combs, brushes, and conditioner and put my sports bottle in the grain bin. I started in the front with his mane until I had the last of the tangles free, sipping a few times and replacing the bottle in the bin. Miraculus is a brilliant red, very kind stallion, who follows every move you make with his ears forward and his eyes aglow. I finally got around to going behind him to attack the 4 and a half foot long mass of tangles that comprised his tail. After about 20 minutes he stepped forward a few steps and started making some very strong sniffing noises.

A few minutes later he started rattling things around in his grain bucket with his nose. Since stallions are very curious and mouth around on everything, I thought nothing of it and let him go ahead and enjoy himself. It wasn’t long after that, when I heard some very interesting sounds. It sounded like he was chewing on something and there were definitely gurgling noises. I decided to drop everything and go see what he was doing. Imagine my shock when I found my Constant Comment® bottle with his teeth on the straw drinking my tea!! My straw had teeth marks imbedded in it and he had tea dripping from his muzzle. I laughed until my sides hurt. I guessed that I was the only woman on Earth that had ever shared a mug of Constant Comment® with a REAL STUD!! From then on every time I hold him for a new set of shoes, I set the bottle on the ground beside my director’s chair. Every time he points his nose in that direction, I pour out a handful and he slurps it up and licks my hand (clean!). It really has ruined stallion’s reputations to have one licking your hand that way.

ANNE GEINZER, Constant Comment® Contest Runner Up

Bigelow Tea Declares its Salute to the July 4th Holiday!

As the July 4th Holiday is upon us, Bigelow Tea takes pride in reminding us of the important role that Tea played in the history of our country, even sparking outrage that eventually led to American Revolution and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia

That “nice cup of tea” sure packed a wallop throughout history!  Of course we all know the story of the Boston Tea Party in 1773, a revolt against “taxation without representation” in Boston. It’s one of the many historic events that we have explored in the Bigelow Tea Blog in detail.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Another “Tea Revolution” in our history was the introduction of the tea bag in the early 20th Century – revolutionizing the way people make and enjoy their cup of tea. And remarkably, about that same time iced tea was introduced, at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, the hot summer sun being the mother of invention. July 4th celebrations have not been the same since.

So there’s really nothing revolutionary about how to spend this 4th of July; a family picnic, cooking out, watching the fireworks…and with that hot summer sun – lots of iced tea!


Bigelow® Green Tea with Pomegranate & Blueberry Iced Tea

Check out these iced tea varieties from Bigelow Tea, mix and match, stir and pour; they make for a perfect recipe for your July 4th celebration, and your independence from that summer thirst!

From the Bigelow Family to yours – a safe and happy holiday.

Bigelow Tea Celebrates National Iced Tea Month

Bigelow Constant Comment and Plantation Mint Iced Tea

Constant Comment and Plantation Mint Iced Tea

The Tea Council of the US reports that only in the US is more tea consumed cold instead of hot; and there’s no better month to brew some cold refreshing iced tea then June — National Iced Tea Month!

Bigelow Peach Chai Iced Tea

Peach Chai Iced Tea

The Tea Council traces the history of iced tea back to 1904 at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, when people weren’t interested in hot tea — because it was just too hot. One clever vendor added ice to the tea — and an industry was born!

Bigelow Herbal Iced Tea

Herbal Iced Tea

As you get ready to enjoy a cold, refreshing glass of iced tea this summer, Bigelow Tea has ideas for you to spice it up a bit, with their own special iced tea recipes.

Bigelow Blueberry & Pomegranate Sparkler

Blueberry & Pomegranate Sparkler

In the 90s, ready-to-drink iced teas skyrocketed in popularity and continues to grow today. Thanks to a recent partnership between Bigelow Tea and AriZona Beverage, now you can get Organic Green Bigelow Tea in a ready to drink, beautifully decorated bottle, right out of the refrigerator!

So, when the temperatures heat up, crack open the ice and enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of Bigelow Tea — on the rocks!

Our Newest Organic Bigelow Teas

New Organic Bigelow Iced Teas

I am so thrilled to share with you our newest teas. We just launched the most amazing bottled organic green teas… Lemon Ginger, Acai White Cranberry, Original Green and Mango Lychee.

Of course I would say they are amazing BUT they really do taste so good. We didn’t want them too sweet so we lightly sweetened each with organic cane juice (only 50 calories per serving). They are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and they have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. But it is the beautiful delicate flavor that I truly love.

We wanted something that had the light taste of green tea married with delicious, appealing flavors. It took over a year to get the exact right formula. Yes, I know I sound like a commercial but I am proud of how they turned out!

So you want to try them… well, be patient. They are now rolling out in convenience stores and in delis throughout New York City thanks to our partners at AriZona Beverages (they bottle and distribute for us — and they are great to work with!).

Perfect for the health conscious consumer who wants a delicate ready to drink beverage… just in time for summer and the hot weather (I think the hot weather is coming, isn’t it??)…. enjoy.

Cindi Bigelow

Jennifer Aniston Sips Tea On Set

Jennifer Aniston sips tea on set -- Bigelow Tea

Thanks to for the image.

Jennifer Aniston has been winning audiences’ hearts from the small screen to the silver screen since she starred in Friends over a decade ago. Aniston certainly has come a long way from those days as Friend Rachel Green, and has since starred in several blockbuster movie hits.

The recently-turned 40-year-old maintains a super-svelte physique through a super healthy lifestyle. One way she helps maintain her fit physique is with tea.

While filming The Baster, due out in 2010, Aniston was spotted sipping iced tea on the New York City set. With the summer heat on its way, we’re sure that iced tea will be in high demand by more than just movie stars.

She doesn’t just drink tea on set. She has also been known to go on tea dates with former flame, Vince Vaughn. This is one tea-drinking celebrity we’ll all be seeing a lot more of! Catch her in her most recent film Management, which came out in May.