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Family, Joe Torre and Bigelow Tea, A Perfect Combination!

Family is super important to Bigelow Tea. After all, without the love and support and commitment of the Bigelow family, Bigelow Tea wouldn’t exist! For over 70 years, the family-owned company has shared milestones and moments with tea lovers around the world. And, sometimes, those moments come from common experiences. Take Joe Torre – former baseball player, manager of the New York Yankees, Baseball Hall of Famer, and Bigelow Tea friend – for instance. Joe Torre has been an avid Bigelow green tea drinker for years, but it was something completely unrelated to tea that forged a special friendship with the Bigelow family. It was the dreaded c-word: cancer. Today is all about sharing three important reasons why Bigelow Tea wants you to learn more about prostate cancer. And Joe Torre has joined the conversation, too (check out the video!).

Why talk about prostate cancer on the Bigelow Tea blog? Well, this is a subject close to our hearts.  For the Bigelow family, prostate cancer was personal. When David Bigelow – son of Bigelow Tea founder Ruth Campbell Bigelow, co-chairman of the company, and father to president and CEO Cindi Bigelow – was diagnosed with prostate cancer years ago, it wasn’t a comfortable topic for most people – and to be fair, it still isn’t for many. Following his successful cancer battle, he read an article in the New York Times about Joe Torre’s experience with prostate cancer, and it inspired David to write a letter to all Bigelow Tea employees encouraging them to get an exam. Even though that was quite some time ago, it’s still important that we spread awareness and encourage all men to get an exam and stay on top of their prostate health.

Incidentally, Joe Torre is also a strong advocate for prostate cancer awareness and research. He’s spoken on behalf of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, especially during their annual Home Run Challenge to raise money. We’re proud to have Joe Torre on our team when it comes to sharing these personal stories as a way to help others.

And now, read on for these three reasons to learn more about prostate cancer:

  1. One in nine men will get diagnosed with prostate cancer. Other than skin cancer, it’s the most common cancer in American men. It’s easy to see how those odds stack up, and why it’s so important to stay informed.
  2. Prostate cancer is curable. One big reason it’s so important to catch prostate cancer is that if it’s detected early, it can be cured. Unfortunately, because it’s an awkward subject, it can be easy to put it off until it’s too late. All the more reason to face it head on and beat it early.
  3. The average age of diagnosis is 66. A lot of people think of prostate cancer as an old man’s disease, but 66 isn’t old these days. Stopping this cancer early can be the difference of many years or decades, so please take it seriously.

Plus, studies have shown that antioxidants that naturally occur in green tea are reported to help neutralize the free radicals that are linked to the development of cancer. These potent antioxidants provide medicinal powers that boast an array of health-promoting properties. So, a cup of green tea can’t hurt, right!?

Chances are, there’s a man in your life who might be hesitant to talk about this serious issue. But if Joe Torre can talk to the country about it, you can chat it out over a cup of tea. Regular exams and early detection are the best defense, and Bigelow Tea encourages every man out there to get checked. You’re too important – and so are the men in your family – not to take this seriously. From our family to yours, be well, stay informed and get checked!

Guess Who Our New Spokesperson Is and Win Free Tea Chest (and Tea!) for the Holidays!

On December 7, Bigelow Tea will proudly announce the identity of our newest spokesperson — and we’re really excited!  It’s not often that we expand our extended Bigelow family of Joe Torre, Phil Simms and Terry Francona, but this has been in the works for over a year, and it’s going to be big, big news.

In fact, we’re so thrilled, we’re spreading a little extra holiday cheer!  If you can guess who our new spokesperson is, you’ll have a chance to win this Classic Tea Chest, with enough Bigelow Tea to keep you warm and toasty all winter long.  (Details below.)

Bigelow Classic Tea Chest

Bigelow Tea “Guess Who?” Contest Rules:

1.  Starting at 12 PM EST on Nov 30, and continuing every day of the contest (Nov 30-Dec 4), we’ll post a new clue about our new spokesperson’s identity on Twitter.  (But DON’T GUESS YET!)

2.  Between 12 PM and 1 PM EST on Friday, Dec 4 — immediately after the 5th and final clue is posted — we will accept guesses as to the new spokesperson’s identity via Twitter. (No earlier and no later!)

3.  To be eligible, a guess must meet ALL of the following critieria:

  • It must be tweeted between 12 PM and 1 PM EST on Friday, Dec 4.
  • It must include the hashtag #GuessWhoBigelow
  • Entrant must be at least 18 years of age

4.  Entrants can guess as many times as they’d like to within that 60-minute timeframe on Friday, Dec 4.  However, multiple correct guesses from the same account will be judged as one correct guess during final prize allocation.  (For example, if user @Ziggy4576 guesses “Fred Flintstone” 40 times in 60 minutes, and Fred Flintstone happens to be the correct answer, user @Ziggy4576 will still only be entered once into the grand prize drawing.)

5.  Entrants can make as many guesses as they’d like to within the 60-minute timeframe, but each guess must be tweeted separately.  No multiple-name guesses per tweet (i.e., “Fred Flintstone, Donald Duck, Tarzan, Sleeping Beauty? #GuessWhoBigelow” would be disqualified, even if Tarzan were correct).

6.  Any guesses that fail to meet these criteria will be disqualified.  (We’ll be checking the timestamps on those tweets!)

7.  The Twitter usernames of all correct guesses will be entered into a random drawing for the grand prize.  The winner will be notified directly by Bigelow Tea.  The winner’s username, as well as the identity of the spokesperson, will be revealed in a Bigelow Tea blog post on Monday, December 7.

Got all that?  Good luck, and we look forward to tallying up all those correct guesses at 1:01 PM EST on Friday, Dec 4.

Classic Tea Chest Details:

Impress guests with your knowledge and appreciation of fine tea. Beautifully crafted with an elegant cherry finish and brass hardware, our chest contains 64 individually foil wrapped tea bags: 8 tea bags each of: Vanilla Caramel (Dairy Kosher), Earl Grey,”Constant Comment”®, English Teatime, Green Tea, Orange & Spice Herb, Mint Medley Herb, and Cozy Chamomile Herb teas (Kosher Parve). Chest can be refilled with your favorite blends. 4 1/4″H x 8 1/2″W x 13 1/4″L. Imported wood.  Retail Price:  $62.95

Bigelow Tea Sets Its Sights On August — Cataracts Awareness Month

Did you know that 20.5 million Americans age 40 and older have cataracts, one of the most curable causes of vision loss? A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s normally clear lens, blocking out the light needed for vision. Approximately half of all Americans develop cataracts by age 65 according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Because they form slowly and cause no pain, many people don’t know that cataracts are forming.

Bigelow Tea is proud that research continues to point to tea as a helpful drink in fighting cataracts, as well as other diseases. Researchers are studying the effects of black tea, green tea, and EGCG (green tea extract) on preventing cataracts. Studies on free radicals that damage the retina and lens of the eye, concentrate on the protective effect of antioxidants. With so much positive news about the antioxidants in green tea, it’s no wonder that people enjoy Bigelow Tea for their health, like Joe Torre, Skipper of the LA Dodgers, and Phil Simms, CBS sportscaster and former quarterback for the N.Y. Giants. In this video they talk to Cindi Bigelow, President of Bigelow Tea, about their health priorities and belief in Green Tea…

During Cataract Awareness Month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) tells us how to recognize cataracts, and reminds us that we don’t have to live with this affliction. The AAO also provides information on medical advances that have made cataract surgery one of the most successful of surgical procedures. In fact it’s one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures in the United States, with more than 1.6 million procedures yearly. So for Cataract Awareness Month, enjoy an extra cup of green tea and learn more from the CDC to help keep you seeing clearly!

Better Health = Bigelow Tea + Good Friends

Enjoying some tasty Bigelow Tea with a good friend could be just what the doctor ordered! Numerous studies and articles have touted the health benefits of both – tea and good friends.


Image courtesy of Bradford

An article in The New York Times cites the 10-year Australian study showing good friends can lengthen your life, and reduce obesity. A Harvard study suggested spending time with friends promoted good brain health. Add in some Bigelow Tea Green Tea while enjoying those friends and maybe you can spend more time with friends and less time at the doctor’s office.

Green and Chamomile teas have been studied for their health benefits related to many ailments, from  diabetes to preventing bone loss in women.


Green tea has been linked to health benefits

Cindi Bigelow certainly understands the benefits of sharing tea with friends, as witnessed in this video with “the boys” — Joe Torre, Phil Simms, and Terry Francona – where they discuss tea, friendship, and more.

So, when Friendship Day rolls around on August 2nd, there should be no guilt in relaxing with some tea and a good friend, or two, or three…for your better health and theirs!

An Awesome Baseball Season Everywhere!

What an awesome first half of the season for baseball fans everywhere!  The races really seem to have shaped up and I’m sure it will be a sprint to the World Series for many teams.

I’ve got to tell you I wasn’t surprised to see that Joe Torre and Terry Francona are enjoying the best two records in baseball so far. I won’t say it’s because of all the Bigelow Green Tea that they drink but I’m sure it isn’t hurting.  It was really exciting to see Joe and the Dodgers playing the Mets here in New York before the All Star game.  And of course Terry and the Red Sox will be playing the Yankees several times before the season is over then it’s on to the playoffs.

Stay tuned!


Cindi Bigelow and the Bigelow Tea Family step up to bat as energized supporters of the Bridgeport Bluefish! Go Fish!


Image courtesy of the Bridgeport Bluefish

Bigelow Tea has many great associations with “America’s Pastime” as we have seen in several blogs over the years. From spring training news, to Joe Torre, Skipper of the LA Dodgers and Terry Francona of the Boston Red Sox chatting with Cindi Bigelow; clearly, Bigelow Tea plays in the Majors! But did you know that a little closer to home we also are a great supporter of the Bridgeport Bluefish baseball club? The Bluefish play in the Liberty Division of the Atlantic Baseball League, sporting a cool logo, and a warm association with Bigelow Tea!

Check out this brief new clip from Cindi Bigelow attending a Bluefish game. There’s just something about the smell of the grass, the crack of the bat and a great cup of tea for Cindi Bigelow; she’s clearly in her element at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where the Bluefish play their home games. Cindi again shows what a great fan is, and what a great team Bigelow Tea and the Bridgeport Bluefish make. A real Field of Dreams!

And Cindi is not the only one enjoying Bigelow Tea at the Bluefish games – the umpire is served Bigelow Tea’s Pomegranate iced tea during breaks in the games, as the park announcer broadcast’s the umpire’s refreshing bonus. Undoubtedly the stimulating iced tea helps keeps the Ump’s eyes extra sharp and his calls more accurate! Go Fish!

Spring Training: Grapefruit League

“People ask me what I do in the winter when there’s no baseball… I stare out the window and wait for spring.”
—Rogers Hornsby, St. Louis Cardinals

Life-long Pittsburgh Pirates fans and baseball enthusiasts greet spring training with conflicting emotions: sweet and sour. The Pirates, whose record has been negligible since the early 90’s, have actually had a good start to their Grapefruit League season. There’s always a sense of optimism that accompanies teams in the spring with the return of Major League Baseball.

As mentioned in this post, this will be the first season the Dodgers will not hold spring training in Vero Beach Florida.

Vero Beach Dodgers logo

Vero Beach Dodgers logo compliments of Wikipedia

Dodgers Manager Joe Torre played for the St. Louis Cardinals during the prime of his major league career. While his numbers do not quite match those of two-time Triple Crown winner, Hall of Fame Cardinals outfielder Rogers Hornsby, Torre was no slouch; he was a nine-time All-Star, and won the National League MVP in 1971, the year the Cardinals finished second in the NL East to the eventual World Series Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. And of course, Joe is a great fan, and friend of Bigelow Tea!

Now Torre manages the Dodgers, who have recently re-signed run-producing outfielder, Many Ramirez. Ramirez’s former team, the Boston Red Sox, are led by another great Bigelow Tea drinker, Manager Terry Francona. Come October it would come as no surprise to see a Red Sox-Dodgers World Series. It’s doubtful that the opposing players would get together for a cup of Bigelow Green Tea during this hypothetical match up, but their managers might.

Phil Simms, Cindi Bigelow, Terry Francona, Bob Kelly (SVP Bigelow Tea) and Joe Torre
Phil Simms (former quarterback for the NY Giants and TV sportscaster for CBS), Cindi Bigelow (President Bigelow Tea), Terry Francona (manager Boston Red Sox), Bob Kelly (SVP Bigelow Tea) and Joe Torre (manager LA Dodgers)

Magic Again

What a great way to start the holidays! We had the distinct pleasure of coming together and working with Joe Torre, Phil Simms and Terry Francona in New York on a new ad for Bigelow Tea. It was hard work for to put together all of the details and arrangements two days before Christmas but everything went off without a hitch.

Phil Simms, Cindi Bigelow, Terry Francona, Bob Kelly (SVP Bigelow Tea) and Joe Torre
Phil Simms (former quarterback for the NY Giants and TV sportscaster for CBS), Cindi Bigelow (President Bigelow Tea), Terry Francona (manager Boston Red Sox), Bob Kelly (SVP Bigelow Tea) and Joe Torre (manager LA Dodgers)

Once again I think we captured something magical for the Bigelow brand and it was so great to see the collegiality and respect that Joe, Phil and Terry had for each other. More importantly they were true professionals toward everyone involved in the project. We even had Cindi Bigelow talking tea and other topics with Joe, Phil and Terry which was captured on video and will appear on in the near future.

It was a great way to end one year and begin the next!


Joe Torre’s Noble Cause: Safe At Home Foundation®

Last weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow and a group of us from Bigelow attended The Sixth Annual Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation® Gala in New York. It was an honor to attend such an important event and support such a powerful cause. The Safe At Home Foundation® provides an array of services combating domestic violence with a goal of providing a safe home environment for children.

The event was hosted by Joe and Ali Torre and honored the 1998 World Champion New York Yankees. Many of the Yankees from 1998 were there along with many stars and celebrities. However, while the stars were everywhere, it was clear the important mission of the Safe At Home Foundation® stole the show: “Together we can make a safe home.”


Joe Torre experienced domestic violence firsthand. His father was both a physically abusive husband and emotionally abusive father. Torre talks openly about this in his book, Chasing the Dream: My Lifelong Journey to the World Series. Joe Torre and his wife Ali founded the Safe At Home Foundation® in 2002. By 2005, the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation® opened its first school-based programming initiative, Margaret’s Place, a tribute to Torre’s mother.

Margaret’s Place provides students with a safe room in school where they can meet with a professional counselor trained in domestic-violence intervention and prevention. The Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation® now has ten fully funded and operational Margaret’s Places in New York City and Westchester County.

Amazing Baseball: Joe Torre, Terry Francona and more!

How good is the end to the baseball season! The Bigelow Team just got back from a trade show in Boston and the buzz right now is like something of unbelievable proportions. It doesn’t matter who you are rooting for, this is baseball in it’s purist form… very exciting, very competitive and it’s coming down to the wire. On top of everything, our seven Sales Managers were able to attend last Thursday’s game at Fenway and they were speechless the next day from the excitement.

Now I have to give Joe Torre and Terry Francona a plug and I’ll try not to make it sound too commercial as they are Bigelow spokesmen and avid drinkers of Bigelow Green Tea. Regardless, of that fact they are two terrific gentlemen and I thought the Dodger fans paid Joe an incredible tribute with a standing ovation after the last game. And Terry and the Red Sox are still in it and are playing great ball right now! I will sure be watching the Red Sox and Rays tonight!

October 19, 2008