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A New Beginning

A new year, a new administration, a new beginning…it is starting off great for Bigelow tea with lots of cold weather and fluffy snow (bring it on). I also just finished doing the most fun video on the streets of New York City…can’t wait for you to see it (stay tuned for mid Feb or early March).

I have to say, I love what I do. I love tea, I love our company and it allows me to do so many wonderful things and be exposed to so many great people. The video I just finished was just a ball to produce. Little did my grandmother realize that what she started over 63 years ago would be so successful but also such a fantastic platform to do good things for those around us.

It is because of Bigelow Tea that both I and my teammates can get out and make a difference in our communities, we can give back. It is because of this company that I get the chance to speak to large groups and small groups with the most interesting people. I know I count my lucky stars every moment…every day I walk into this office and I just take a deep breath of appreciation. Appreciation for this company, our products, and the opportunity to employ such outstanding people and so many other things that we are able to do thanks with the little tea company started out of Ruth Campbell’s kitchen in 1945.

Yes it is a new bright beautiful year…and now it is time for a hot cup of Bigelow tea…cheers

Cindi Bigelow

Celebrate Chinese New Year with a traditional Chinese New Years Tea Party

Say goodbye to 2008 and the Year of the Rat, and say welcome to 2009, the Year of the OX! The Chinese New Year falls every year between January 21 and February 19 on the Gregorian Calendar. In 2009, the Year of the Ox starts on January 26. Why name years with the names of animals? Legend has it that Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year, and then named a year after each of the twelve animals that came. He decreed that people born in each animal’s year will share some of that animal’s personality. And for those who are counting: 2009 translates to the year 4706–4707 on the historical Chinese calendar.

In some regions of China, New Year’s starts with a cup of tea with lotus seeds. As you take a sip, you say “tiantian mimi”, meaning “life will be happy“. Sounds like a great start to the year! Since tea was discovered in China, an excellent way to celebrate the Year of the Ox is with a Chinese New Year’s Tea Party. You can use red and gold for table decorations; red symbolizes fire to scare away bad luck, and gold stands for prosperity. Paper lanterns make great decorations, and don’t forget your Ox ornamentation! The Chinese New Year is celebrated for 14 days — so a New Year’s tea party any time during those two weeks after January 26 is appropriate.

There are many more preparations and tasks for the traditional Chinese New Year, but the basic theme is familiar to celebrations all around the world — a time to reflect on the passing year, and to welcome the promise of the New Year to come.

New Year’s Reflections

Now that it is a new year, it is time to take inventory.  Take inventory in all parts of my life which of course includes my role here at Bigelow.  I was thinking about what is the most important (or at least one of the most important things) I need to bring to the table and I believe it is the role of a driver.  I have to be driving this organization forward in all areas at all times.  Sometimes that is not fun and certainly doesn’t always make me that popular but it is critical. 

For this wonderful and warm family company to position itself for the future, we need to make sure all areas are driving forward.  How can we do it better, where should we be going, what else can we be doing to get close to our customers?  The list is endless but to me, that push is what will ensure this lovely company is relevant to the consumer in 5-10 years and longer. 

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the million details that I get exposed to, but I need to make sure I am taking the time to effectively communicate to all of my fellow teammates so we are driving together and moving forward. 

It is important to sit back and take an inventory of ourselves. Reflection allows us to ensure our lives have some clarity and that we are on a path which allows us to ignore the noise and stay focused.  Yes, it is that time of year….time to sit back, have a cup of tea and reflect….cheers to a beautiful 2008 for all of us.  

Cindi Bigelow, President

Tea’s Role in New Year’s Resolutions

The most commonly made New Year’s resolution is the promise to lose weight. Unfortunately, “the majority of your New Year’s resolutions become New Year’s delusions by the end of February,” says Dale Berry, Results Coach and author for Selfhelp Magazine.

That doesn’t need to be the case. In addition to the ten tips Berry offers for general resolution success, tea lovers have another ace up our sleeves when it comes to shedding pounds: 2007 has illuminated new potential for tea as a weapon against the battle of the bulge!

Over the past year, we’ve learned how green tea may aid in weight management by reducing body fat and by providing a slight boost in metabolism. That’s encouraging news! And it’s in addition to earlier research that suggests tea helps prevent obesity in the first place. In 2007 we also witnessed how many people enjoy tea as part of plans to beat the battle of the bulge. So, take heart! You’re not alone!

Armed with this new knowledge, there’s no better time than January – which is National Hot Tea Month – to ring in the New Year and celebrate the beginnings of a new you!