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President’s Day: A tradition of Tea

President’s Day 2009 stands to remind us that Tea has played an important part in the Presidency and American politics from the beginning of the Republic. According to the Tea book Tea with Presidential Families, presidents and their wives knew a cup of tea could change a country. We know that tea can grace a quiet afternoon on a rainy day, but it also plays prominently in the powerful office of the Presidency. From George Washington to Barrack Obama, each president has a story with tea playing a role.

And thank goodness for that — the presidential regime is tough, and the Commander in Chief needs all the help he can get to maintain mental and physical vigor. With all the many health properties that Tea brings to the table, the President profits from improved attention and focus as well as benefits to the Brain and Heart. Our First President George Washington drank tea regularly, as did most Americans. In fact, it is estimated that Americans at the time of the American Revolution drank more tea per capita than any other nation on earth, at times averaging 10 pounds of tea per person yearly. That’s a great country-building plan! After Washington became President, tea was always served for state occasions, and George and Martha began a long tradition of Presidential Tea.

Our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln also enjoyed tea; enjoying tea time with the family was one of the customs the Lincolns observed to affirm their middle class status before ascending to the Presidency. The Tea tradition continues today with the current Administration, so a tip of the cup on President’s Day to tradition and good taste!

President Obama favors Organic Tea, especially chilled Berry Teas

It’s been less than a month since President Obama moved into the White House, yet he’s been under the public’s microscope for quite some time now. From his daily workout to his attachment to his Blackberry, people can’t seem to get enough information about him.

As mentioned in the Bigelow Tea Inaugural blog post, he is definitely a tea lover. But what kind of tea does President Obama drink? Organic tea! Bigelow’s new organic line could not have come at a better time!

Just a few months ago, when all the name calling was going on between John McCain and then Senator Barack Obama, McCain’s camp accused Obama of being a “celebrity,” for requesting organic tea. Obama’s response: “is that the best you can come up with?”

President Obama’s not the only person taking notice of organics. It has been rapidly growing in popularity all over the U.S., reaching $38.6 billion in 2006. Including his strict daily fitness routine, he’s been vocal about his appreciation for living a healthy lifestyle and drinking iced organic tea.

We hear he likes organic berry teas. Maybe he should try some Organic White Tea with Raspberry Chrysanthemum?

Presidential Tea Past and Present

From George Washington to president-elect Barack Obama, every president and first lady has understood the value of tea. The stimulating and warming qualities of tea have been helping advance our democracy for hundreds of years! Washington drank tea regularly, and always purchased the highest quality tea, from Great Britain initially, and then from the Dutch. Today Washington could purchase his quality tea right here in the “colonies” from the Charleston Tea Plantation, the only location in North America where tea is grown today. While commanding the Revolutionary War and as president, Washington, like most Americans in the 18th century, was a committed tea lover.

Once John and Abigail Adams moved into the Presidential Mansion — now called the White House — society ladies called on her for invitations to tea as often as a dozen times a day; an impossible schedule even for the most ardent tea lover. In the early 19th century, Dolly Madison, our country’s fourth first lady, sometimes served tea three times daily at the White House — at breakfast, in the afternoon and after an evening meal.

In the 20th century, first lady Eleanor Roosevelt enjoyed tea so much that she would have several teas in a row. And at what may have been one of the largest American tea parties ever, 4,000 guests were served sandwiches and cakes with gallons of tea on Inauguration Day 1941. And the 21st century? President-elect Obama is often seen in interviews with a cup of tea in hand, and on the Today Show Obama stated that it’s definitely tea over coffee for him, a fact that Bigelow Tea will appreciate for the next four years!

Election Day: Many Campaigns Have Celebrated Tea

Did you know George Washington was a tea fan? In fact, there is a tea book specifically written about Tea with Presidential Families. Be sure to make time for tea this Election Day!

George Washington

Portrait by Gilbert Stuart. Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

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