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President’s Day: A tradition of Tea

President’s Day 2009 stands to remind us that Tea has played an important part in the Presidency and American politics from the beginning of the Republic. According to the Tea book Tea with Presidential Families, presidents and their wives knew a cup of tea could change a country. We know that tea can grace a quiet afternoon on a rainy day, but it also plays prominently in the powerful office of the Presidency. From George Washington to Barrack Obama, each president has a story with tea playing a role.

And thank goodness for that — the presidential regime is tough, and the Commander in Chief needs all the help he can get to maintain mental and physical vigor. With all the many health properties that Tea brings to the table, the President profits from improved attention and focus as well as benefits to the Brain and Heart. Our First President George Washington drank tea regularly, as did most Americans. In fact, it is estimated that Americans at the time of the American Revolution drank more tea per capita than any other nation on earth, at times averaging 10 pounds of tea per person yearly. That’s a great country-building plan! After Washington became President, tea was always served for state occasions, and George and Martha began a long tradition of Presidential Tea.

Our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln also enjoyed tea; enjoying tea time with the family was one of the customs the Lincolns observed to affirm their middle class status before ascending to the Presidency. The Tea tradition continues today with the current Administration, so a tip of the cup on President’s Day to tradition and good taste!