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New Year’s Reflections

Now that it is a new year, it is time to take inventory.  Take inventory in all parts of my life which of course includes my role here at Bigelow.  I was thinking about what is the most important (or at least one of the most important things) I need to bring to the table and I believe it is the role of a driver.  I have to be driving this organization forward in all areas at all times.  Sometimes that is not fun and certainly doesn’t always make me that popular but it is critical. 

For this wonderful and warm family company to position itself for the future, we need to make sure all areas are driving forward.  How can we do it better, where should we be going, what else can we be doing to get close to our customers?  The list is endless but to me, that push is what will ensure this lovely company is relevant to the consumer in 5-10 years and longer. 

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the million details that I get exposed to, but I need to make sure I am taking the time to effectively communicate to all of my fellow teammates so we are driving together and moving forward. 

It is important to sit back and take an inventory of ourselves. Reflection allows us to ensure our lives have some clarity and that we are on a path which allows us to ignore the noise and stay focused.  Yes, it is that time of year….time to sit back, have a cup of tea and reflect….cheers to a beautiful 2008 for all of us.  

Cindi Bigelow, President