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Is There Weed Killer In Your Teas?

The OCA has filed a lawsuit in which they challenge the use of the words “all natural” on our teas based on finding trace amounts of the herbicide glyphosate on the dry leaf. The amount detected was significantly below (62% less) EPA standards. At these microscopic levels on the dry leaf, it does not transfer into a brewed cup of tea. Our continual testing has confirmed we have no glyphosate in a cup of Bigelow tea.

We continually work with our growers to ensure they limit the amount of application of anything used on the tea bushes. It is important to keep this significantly low amount that was detected on the dry leaf in context. For these minuscule trace levels that were reported by the OCA’s test, the source can come from many different means (airborne, rainwater, etc.). At such microscopic levels, you will not be able to determine the specific source. The important fact to know is that we continually test with third party independent certified labs to confirm that our products are safe. We ask you to not lose sight of the fact that there is no glyphosate in a cup of our tea.

For 75 years, our family has based our entire reputation on the quality of our products. We are saddened by the fact that we need to defend ourselves about something that does not exist in a cup of our tea. – Cindi Bigelow, CEO