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Forever And Always, “Constant Comment” Bigelow Tea

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Tea is second only to water as the most consumed beverage in the world which doesn’t surprise any avid tea drinker given the importance the beverage holds in many cultures, whether it’s a hearty daily tradition, a treat for a special ceremony, or a therapeutic blend to soothe and comfort. On any given day, over 158 million Americans alone are drinking tea and we are proud to be a part of this thriving community and honored that as a third generation family businessBigelow Tea continues to be part of the tea lovers’ community decades after the creation of the one and only “Constant Comment”®. Today, we offer over 130 flavors that will please any palate, but for National Hot Tea Month, what better time to get back to our roots by honoring this remarkable and historic tea that’s still a source of “Constant Comments” among all tea fans!

In case you aren’t familiar, here is the story of how Bigleow Tea got started: it all began in 1945 when Ruth Campbell Bigelow started on her mission to create a better cup of tea than what was commonly offered at the time. She was inspired by an early Colonial recipe that used orange rind and sweet spices. After tireless hours spent creating her own special blend, she shared it with friends who couldn’t stop commenting, and hence the name “Constant Comment” tea. Ruth knew she was on to something with her blend and took “Constant Comment”®   to every store she could. One shopkeeper told Ruth that he had been opening the container for customers to take a whiff of the incredible aroma, and it was flying off the shelves! Ruth took this idea one step further and set up a jar of “Constant Comment”® in each case of tea, with the directions to “open and whiff.”  Shops across the country placed this little jar by their cash registers and sales grew.  Jump ahead to today, over 70 years later, and here we are, a tea company beyond Ruth’s wildest dreams!

To this day, “Constant Comment”® is the same wonderful recipe that third generation president and CEO Cindi Bigelow’s grandmother, Ruth Campbell Bigelow, first created. It has stood the test of time and we know it will continue to fill cups and hearts for many more decades to come. Amazing when you think how this special product started on the shelves of local shops, and today it’s still a source of constant comments all over the Web… and the world! If you’re a fan of “Constant Comment” tea, Bigelow Tea or tea overall, you’ll love hearing Cindi Bigelow herself tell this story of this original creation while sharing more about her personal (and professional) love of tea!

Tell us, what was the first “comment” you had when you tried “Constant Comment” for the very first time?  Tag anywhere online with #TeaProudly so we can share in the fun.

My Mother Loved Tea, by David C. Bigelow

My Mother Loved Tea, by David C. BigelowMy father, David, just finished writing a book about my grandmother (his mother) Ruth Campbell Bigelow. It is such a lovely tribute to her and all she did to get Bigelow Tea, the company, started.

We often talk about how fortunate we all are that she decided back in 1945 to create a unique tea, “Constant Comment.” This book does such a terrific job taking the reader through the early years. Of course, it does not really share all that my mother and father did to grow the business to where it is today. My father’s 50 years of dedication and hard work is why we are thriving today! Still it recounts the beginning years perfectly!!

I highly recommend you consider reading this book if you want to see what it took 64 years ago to get Bigelow Tea up and running…it is a quick read and very endearing.

Bravo David, Bravo

Cindi Bigelow

(Note, you can buy this book soon on

Six Degrees of Super Bowl Separation

The Pittsburgh Steelers will face the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII, with a chance to win an unprecedented sixth NFL title.

I’ve been a Steelers fan all my life, and have lived in Pittsburgh for over seven years. After the Steelers beat the Ravens in the AFC Championship I gave my sister a ride home, and as I drove across town I watched as fans poured into the streets, their terrible towels twirling wildly above delirious chants and blaring car horns proudly proclaiming the Steelers’ victory.

So what is the relationship between Bigelow Tea, Pittsburgh, and the Super Bowl?

This mug is the perfect gift for the tea-drinking Steelers fan.

Edward Manning Bigelow (who coincidentally shares the name of Bigelow Tea founder Ruth C. Bigelow, and Super Bowl MVPs Payton and Eli Manning) was the Director of Public Works in Pittsburgh in the late 1880’s…now Bigelow Boulevard runs through Pittsburgh.

Super Bowl XXI MVP, Phil Simms, is an avid supporter of Bigelow Tea. In fact, he participated in this Bigelow Tea video. The video was filmed by a Pittsburgh native.

I can not deny the curious confluence of Bigelow Tea, the Super Bowl and Pittsburgh. While I don’t plan on attending a Super Bowl Tea Party, as nerve racking as regular season games are, I may partake in a warm cup of herbal tea to calm my nerves on Sunday.