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Keep Colds and Flu at Bay

News reports say that we’re at the height of the flu season and a quick visit to the CDC Website proves they’re correct: after a relatively symptom-free winter, the United States is experiencing more widespread influenza activity. You, however, can help protect yourself and family by following a few health tips.

Jan Jarvis, writing for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, suggests several ways to prevent illness. Her common sense approach includes washing hands regularly with old-fashioned soap and water; getting plenty of exercise and sleep; and maintaining a healthy diet. Jarvis also discusses green tea as a preventative.

“Green tea’s claim to fame is its antioxidants, which may help boost the immune system,” Jarvis notes, citing a recent piece of research which suggests that  “ingredients in green tea can enhance the body’s immune system by 28 percent.” This is encouraging news, but not definitive proof of the flu-fighting power of tea, leading Jarvis to acknowledge that, even if it does not prevent a cold, tea has “other health benefits and it tastes good.”

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