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Bigelow Tea: A Green Leader!

bigelow-tea-tea-fieldBigelow Tea puts a lot of work into creating delicious teas for your enjoyment, but did you know that Bigelow puts just as much effort into protecting the planet?

Taking care of the environment is reflected in the company’s mission statement: “Do the right thing and good things will follow.” Since the company’s beginnings, Bigelow Tea has held the philosophy that positive practices within our community, our environment, and our business can only ensure positive outcomes. That’s why our SustainabiliTea program is a leader in green initiatives. Here are just some of the incredible ways Bigelow Tea makes a difference:

Energy Conservation

Bigelow has been harnessing the power of the sun for nearly a decade, with 880 solar panels installed at our Connecticut headquarters. This has led to a reduction in pollution approximately equal to 200,000 car miles removed from the highways yearly. Bigelow also uses energy efficient lighting, heating/cooling, and water flow at office headquarters.

Waste Reduction

We’ve committed to achieving Zero Waste to Landfill status, which means diverting at least 90 percent of waste from the landfill. Our company takes it a step further: a full 94 percent is diverted through reducing, recycling, and composting.

Land Preservation

Bigelow Tea purchased the Charleston Tea Plantation in 2003 to save 127 acres of land from real estate development. Today, the plantation has hosted well over 100,000 visitors.

Supplier Relationships

We’ve been working with the same suppliers in countries such as Sri Lanka for several decades because they share our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Even with so many big initiatives, Bigelow is always on the lookout for more ways to be green. For instance, we recently planted a bee-friendly garden in hopes of attracting more native bee species.

No effort is too big or too small as far as we’re concerned; as David Bigelow says, “We’ve been making tea for three generations, and we get better every year.” The same can be said about our sustainability efforts!

Tell us below: what green practices are the most exciting to you, your family and your business?

Bigelow Tea Is Buzzing About Its New Garden!


bigelow tea environmentWhat’s the buzz at Bigelow Tea? Helping bees! It’s no secret that bee populations all over the country are being affected by everything from pesticides to a decline in natural habitat.

Last year, experts warned that four species of bees native to Connecticut had disappeared from the state in the last 10 years. So Bigelow decided to take action on the bees’ behalf. Bigelow’s Green Team recently planted more flowers on our corporate property along an urban train track fence in the hopes of providing bees with a better natural habitat. We are happy to report that the new plantings have bloomed and are brightening up the campus. This is just one of Bigelow Tea’s efforts to better our environment. Over the years, some of Bigelow Tea’s sustainability projects have included installing 880 solar panels at our Connecticut headquarters, diverting 94 percent of the company’s solid waste through recycling, reusing, and composting, and taking measures to preserve land.

As Cindi Bigelow says, “Being responsible is not something my family does because we can do good things, but because we strongly believe that we should and need to do good things, whether it’s for the community, for our employees, or for the environment.”

We hope you’ve been inspired to add more bee-friendly plantings to your garden. Let us know: what will you plant?

A Family Tea Company to be Proud of!

Just had the most exciting visit to a very large customer!  I had the opportunity to speak with their entire team about some of the great work we at Bigelow Tea are doing in the community as well as from an environmental point of view (check out our past blog entries about the Community Challenge and our work with Solar Panels).   

I think the part I liked the best was that I was able to share with these managers what we have been doing for over 20 years in both of these areas.  The company I was visiting was just embarking on efforts that focused on both the community and the environment, which I highly commend them for, so it was very cool to say Bigelow Tea has been socially responsible and environmentally conscious way before it became “the thing” companies should be doing! 

That is what I love about our family business!  We have wanted to make these kinds of efforts because it is the right thing to do and not because we felt outside pressures from stockholders and customers.  We have been making these positive choices because we wanted to be doing these kinds of activities…pure and simple.

It was just one more reason to make me so proud of our little family tea company!!! 

Cindi Bigelow

Bigelow Tea Recognized for Environmental Leadership

The Connecticut Post reported this week that Bigelow Tea will be among this year’s honorees at the Bridgeport Regional Council (BRBC) annual dinner which takes place tonight.  The council is recognizing one state agency and five area businesses for their environmental leadership.  Bigelow Tea was chosen because of exemplary efforts made to reduce energy costs by installing solar panels in their facility.  Bigelow Tea was creative and financed part of the cost with a grant.  In addition to R. C. Bigelow Inc, the other “green” regional businesses being acknowledged are Aquarion, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Santa Energy of Bridgeport and Urban Green Builders.

These companies are an example to all businesses…while being “green” means saving the environment…it can also mean saving the other green — $$$ — in the process!