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Bigelow Tea does “Just One Thing”

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Park City Magnet school 7th grade class about solar.  Their librarian, Barbara, had contacted me about speaking to a class because she was trying to educate the classes on different environmental activities that are going on around them. 

Not knowing exactly what a 7th grader would want to know on solar I hit the internet and researched information from the sun shining to AC power.  I did find out some interesting facts like; 1 hour of sun energy on the Earth can meet the world’s energy demand for 1 year, it takes 8 minutes for the sun energy to travel from the sun to the Earth, and Germany uses the most solar power.  The amount of solar energy that is available is amazing but the fact we only use about 1% of it is dis-hearting; lots of opportunity for the future.  The classes asked many good questions and one particularly stumped me; how much energy does it take to produce one box of tea?  So I am now working on getting an answer, gee I thought I was just there to give information not do more homework.

The interest shown by the classes in solar and energy savings gave me great satisfaction of being able to share what our company is doing and to see the interest that is out there.  I did happen to carry a few tea bags as well to the class and they seem to disappear fairly quickly.  The Governor of Connecticut has promoted a campaign of “Just One Thing”.  This message being you can make a huge difference over time with little improvements and whether it was talking to a 7th grade class or recycling that plastic soda bottle our small efforts have a positive impact on our environment.


Solar Panels Generate Excitement

Our solar array has now been up and running for three months and has been producing power each and every day.  Now some days have been a bit brighter and sunnier than others but if you go to this link you can see how we are doing each day or for the week/month/year.

The solar project has been a great success not only in the power produced but in the interest it has generated.  From showing the array to other companies who are interested in solar to just recently being contacted by a 13 year old that is doing a paper on solar for a school project, the amount of interest is amazing.   When our project was brought on line we were the 2nd largest solar array in the state of CT and that gave us some bragging rights.  Today I am very happy to say we have dropped to probably the 4th or 5th largest in the state. That means more and more companies have taken steps into green power and overall that is the best thing for everyone.


Business Week TV come to Bigelow Tea

Back in the Fall, Business Week TV came in to film our solar system, talk to Cindi Bigelow, and they also talked to our installer Solar Works.  Bigelow Tea’s solar project story will air on Business Week TV on Sunday 12/23 at 11:30 am on ABC.  More about this story will be up on their site after the show.

Bigelow Tea Recognized for Environmental Leadership

The Connecticut Post reported this week that Bigelow Tea will be among this year’s honorees at the Bridgeport Regional Council (BRBC) annual dinner which takes place tonight.  The council is recognizing one state agency and five area businesses for their environmental leadership.  Bigelow Tea was chosen because of exemplary efforts made to reduce energy costs by installing solar panels in their facility.  Bigelow Tea was creative and financed part of the cost with a grant.  In addition to R. C. Bigelow Inc, the other “green” regional businesses being acknowledged are Aquarion, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Santa Energy of Bridgeport and Urban Green Builders.

These companies are an example to all businesses…while being “green” means saving the environment…it can also mean saving the other green — $$$ — in the process!