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Start and Finish A Meal with Bigelow Green Tea

bigelow tea green tea with lemon

Bigelow Tea has spent over 70 years developing and perfecting some of America’s favorite tea blends. These multidimensional flavors are delicious on their own, but can be further enhanced when paired with the right foods! You’ve heard of tea and scones, but have you ever considered pairing Bigelow Green Tea with steamed shellfish? It’s a big yes!

bigelow tea green tea classic

Bigelow Green Tea is delicate, smooth, and mellow on the palate. Facebook fan Nickolette Simmons says “a day without green tea is a day without sunshine” and we couldn’t agree more! Its clean notes of green melon and grass pair well with lighter dishes such as Steamed Clams in Lemon-Garlic Broth (pictured below). This flavorful dish is prepared with Bigelow I Love Lemon, an invigorating blend of lemon and lemongrass, meaning double the Bigelow Tea in this perfect pair!

bigelow tea tea recipe

Another go-to pairing for Green Tea is a good veggie dish. Bigelow’s Green Tea Ramen Soup uses Bigelow Green Tea to create a warm, comforting broth. Pair this with a hot cuppa Bigelow Green Tea and say hello to the ultimate cold and flu fighter!

If Green is your favorite cuppa Bigelow, try one of these pairing tips next cup you steep!

The Colorful Portland Tea Scene

According to a report published in the New York Times, Portland, Oregon “is host to one of the most distinctive tea scenes in the country.” The beverage (and the fun) is brewed in a number of distinctive tea houses as well as organized tea parties that don’t take themselves too seriously.

There are the typical chain tea businesses one might expect, but locally-owned venues have popped up as well, each catering to some very sophisticated tea tastes. One, Barefoot Sage, is tucked away in a building which looks suspiciously like a hardware store, but which comes alive inside with luxury. Patrons enjoy “tea blends … and recline on enormous plum-velvet sofas, [their] toes soaking in terra cotta basins filled with hot water and rose petals.” 

At the other end of the spectrum is Tea Chai Té, a tea store where owner Dominic Valdes is “trying to take the doily out of the tea experience.” He’s not alone. Also taking tea into a new culture with less formal traditions is the TeaZone in Portland’s Pearl district which serves up a variety of tea cocktails with casual flair. Not to be out-done is entrepreneur, Gary Wiseman. Wiseman has gained a reputation for staging color-themed tea parties, such as the Emerald City tea party. His favorite, however, was an event on Burnside Bridge. He says, “The theme was black, white and shades of gray.” The tea was Earl Grey.

To learn more about Portland’s thriving tea scene and the entrepreneurs driving it, read the full Times article here.