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What Your Tea Says About You

Is there a link between your tea preferences and your personality type? Some might argue there is. iVillage has introduced a light-hearted listing that attempts to identify personality traits based on a tea lover’s favored flavors.

Take, for example, Earl Grey fans. Like the delicate aroma of your favorite tea, your feelings are easily bruised, although you “thrive on positive criticism.”

Those who prefer fruit-flavored teas, however, are all about fun and frivolity. Still, even you have a need to unwind occasionally and then “relaxation becomes very important.”

Have a penchant for green tea? iVillage speculates that you are “at one with yourself.” And, if you enjoy your tea on ice, you “are the personification of reserved dignity, a perfect model of self-restraint and control.”

If these descriptions are not ringing true for you, don’t be surprised, because the listings are all in good fun. Still, like a good fortune cookie, there’s a bit of wisdom in every one. Like this sage advice for black tea drinkers, “Kick back and try going with the flow; you never know what you might see from this different perspective.” That’s good advice for all of us.

Not finding your favorite on the list? Read the full article here.

Patti Scialfa’s Tea in Life and Art

Patti Scialfa may be best known as the wife of musician Bruce Springsteen and a player in the E Street Band, but she also happens to be an artist in her own right … and a tea lover, to boot!

We first learned of Scialfa’s association with tea after the release of her 2004 recording “23rd Street Lullaby.” Featured in the album is a song of the same name – which was penned by Scialfa and received four-star reviews in Rolling Stone magazine – that opens with a sultry reference to Jasmine tea (view lyrics here.) But, surprisingly, her tea preferences seem to lean in different directions. According to a Smoking Gun write-up, Patti’s backstage digs are furnished “with soy milk, green tea, various protein and energy supplements,” while a Fox News interview exposes her as a serious musician and Earl Grey lover.

To learn more about Scialfa, her latest album, “Play It as It Lays,” or tour information visit Patti’s official site.

Tea Toons: Humor You Can Share

Now you brighten a tea lover’s day with little tea … in the form of a cartoon! Off the Mark by Mark Parisi offers a host of clever, colorful cartoons with subject matter than includes tea! Best of all, sharing these images with a friend via email is easy and free! Just choose a cartoon, then click “Send to a friend” for email options.

Need an image for project? Parisi sells the cartoons for use in newsletters, flyers, presentations, websites and more! Some images are also available on T-shirt and mugs!

Not finding comics to your liking? Try the Cartoonist Group site. They also offer free email cartoons, from a variety of artists.