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Celebrating Iced Tea

“One drinks tea to forget the world’s noise.” ~ Thomas Sterling1, Tea Expert; and on warm summer days, what better way is there to refresh the body and the spirit, than by enjoying a tall, frosty glass of iced tea. The Tea Association of America states that iced tea, or at least a more commercialized version of it, was possibly invented by Richard Blechynden while he was trying to engage the public’s interest in imported teas during the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair; but, it was so hot and humid that people were passing him by in search of colder fare. Not one to be daunted he decided to cool the tea and after several attempts at getting the temperature and taste just right created the beginnings of the beverage we purchase packaged or bottled to enjoy in all of its wonderful variations
Of course tea made fresh in your own kitchen, sweetened to taste and chilled to perfection is a real treat too. To learn more on the subject, visit a previous Bigelow Blog article that discusses the history of iced tea and some of the ways iced tea was served in the home, commercially and for celebrations from the 1800s through to today and, since the month of June is National Iced Tea Month you will want to celebrate too by indulging in this classic summer-time beverage every day.
Iced Tea on the go from Bigelow Tea.

Source: The History of Iced Tea.

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