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February Was Another Great Month for Communicating with Bigelow Tea!

It seems that tea lovers really like to speak their minds! Bigelow Tea is thrilled that during February we heard from so many of you through Twitter and Facebook. Our communication channels were packed with great feedback from our tweeps and Friends, and we can’t thank you enough!

On Twitter lots of people were tweeting about their favorite teas. For starters, @AliBabaAuctions let us know that he likes to start the day with Bigelow Earl Grey Tea “with honey and half-and-half.” Sounds good to us! Similarly @WebThingy told us that his “fav tea (I drink it 2x a day at least) is Green Tea w/ Pomegranate.” And @reddpups tweeted that she was “lovin the Chamomile Mango tea right now.” Thanks for letting us know!

Finally, @colinmorris made us chuckle with this one: “Oh, thank god. @BigelowTea has a @Twitter account. Now I can tell them every time I’m brewing their lifesaving chai. (I annoy even myself.)”

Our Facebook page was really hopping too! So many of you posted updates on our page, and we got literally hundreds of responses to some of the questions we posed last month! More than 100 of you responded to one question alone: when we asked if it was possible people were drinking iced tea in February! The answer? A resounding yes! All of this great back-and-forth communication is truly remarkable … and it actually caught the attention of Chris Brogan, a social media consultant to Fortune 500 companies, who put Bigelow Tea’s Facebook page on his list of “Compelling Facebook Fan Pages!”

Way to go, tea drinkers! Thanks for making your voices heard and for letting us know what you like and how you like it. We can’t wait to hear more from you next month!

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Bigelow Tea’s Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes Heats Up February

Nothing warms a cold winter night like a favorite cup of Bigelow Tea…and what better beverage to share thisValentine’s Day with your loved one!

This February 14th, as part of our ongoing Bigelow Tea Facebook Sweepstakes, 14 winners will receive two boxes of these delicious seasonal teas, a total of 40 tea bags of sharing! This month’s gift is a befitting assortment of Bigelow Tea’s Sweetheart Cinnamon Herb Tea and White Chocolate Kisses Tea – the perfect pair, just like you and your sweetie!

Bigelow Tea’s Valentine’s Day Sweeps will run from February 7th to February 13th, with the winners announced on Valentine’s Day. To enter: visit Bigelow Tea’s Facebook page, and “Like” us by clicking the icon next to our name at the top of the page. Then visit the sweepstakes tab and enter your name for a chance to win this great Valentines gift duo from Bigelow Tea!  (A $6.59 retail value.)

We hope you enjoy this month’s sweepstakes, and take advantage of the chance to spend some time with a lovely Tea CUP-ple on Valentine’s Day!

Bigelow Tea Gets Exciting News from Rachael Ray!

Can you imagine our excitement here at Bigelow Tea when we received word from Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine that one of our teas had won first place in a Black Tea Taste Test?! Yes, it’s true, we were recently informed that in the February issue of Ms. Ray’s delectable magazine our very own Plantation Mint Tea would be featured as the BEST in the “black tea with HERB” category!

Here’s a preview of what Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine says about our fantastic Plantation Mint:

Since its introduction half a century ago, this blend has amassed a loyal following—and it won over our judges too.
Black tea adds depth (plus caffeine) to sweet, invigorating spearmint leaves.
“This would be the ultimate morning pick-me-up!” one taster exclaimed. Another noted that it’d be delicious served iced.

Plantation Mint was developed by Eunice Bigleow and introduced in 1961. It continues to be a consumer favorite, ranking in sales among our top three flavored black teas. We love it whether it’s hot and soothing, iced and refreshing or in one of our favorite recipes like Bigelow Frozen Iced Tea!

We hope you’ll all grab a copy and give it a read … and maybe sip some Plantation Mint tea while you’re perusing its pages! Thanks, Rachael, for recognizing our tea. We love you too!

Teatime: The Perfect Time For Sharing Family Stories

Gathering to tell stories and sharing a cup of tea go hand in hand. That’s why Bigelow Tea loves to celebrate National Family Stories Month.

In so many cultures, teatime is also story time. In Ireland, families gather in front of fires with tea to share stories and songs about their history. In China, tea is an integral part of many family celebrations. And in England, tea breaks are the perfect time to catch up on the latest family news.

Storytelling is also important here in our Bigelow Tea family. On this very blog we share the stories of our valued customers and employees, who are truly like family to us. As a family-owned and family-operated business, we are also always proud to share our family’s story, which began with Ruth Campbell Bigelow offering her orange spiced tea to friends. They couldn’t stop commenting on it … and of course that’s when Constant Comment was born!

This month we encourage everyone to take time to brew a cup of tea and sit for a while with a beloved family member. Share some family stories along with your tea. You’ll make moments to cherish for a long time to come!

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What’s The Tastiest Flavor From Bigelow Tea?

No one knows better than we do at Bigelow Tea that there are a lot of choices out there for tea drinkers. So let’s look beyond the timeless classics of our Earl Grey and Green Teas.  We want to know: what are your favorite flavored teas?

We’re proud to suit our tea drinkers’ various tastes with so many varieties, from Vanilla to Pomegranate; from the exotic spice of our Chai Tea to the home-grown taste of our Plantation Mint.  Does Perfect Peach make your day?  Do you get a rise from our Lemon Lift?  There’s no wrong answer, because it’s all good!

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Bigelow Tea Stays Cool! June is National Iced Tea Month!

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With the very warm summer weather—and the longest day of the year—approaching, the thought of a nice, cool beverage is definitely appealing. That must be why National Iced Tea month is in the month of June, as well as the official start of summer!

While iced tea can be enjoyed all year long, it is especially refreshing during the summer months. What could be better than a tall glass of fresh-brewed iced tea from Bigelow Tea after gardening, mowing the lawn or taking a good, long bike ride? Iced tea is also the perfect beach beverage that the whole family can enjoy.

Though it’s hard to imagine, iced tea is a relatively new “invention.” Its origins can be traced as far back as 1890, but it was widely popularized at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Mo. Now, some 120 years later, summertime and Bigelow iced tea go hand in hand, like summertime and sunshine.

At Bigelow Tea, we love all our tea flavors on ice, but some varieties really tickle the summertime palate. Try Plantation Mint for a crisp, clean beverage, or Red Raspberry Herbal Tea for a delicate, sweet drink. Or, if you’re in the mood to experiment, give one of our delicious iced tea recipes, like Peach Chai Iced Tea a whirl. (Today, Bigelow Tea even makes iced tea bags specifically for brewing iced tea!)

This June, as the summer solstice arrives and the days are long and lingering, take a moment and brew yourself a pitcher of iced tea with Bigelow Tea. Then, sit back, sip and relax. You’ll wish every month could be National Iced Tea Month!

We All Love Choices! Bigelow Tea Asks: What Do You Like Best?

We know how much tea drinkers love their tea; that’s why at Bigelow Tea, we have varieties to please everyone! What are your favorites?

Our classic black teas have been around a very long time, including Constant Comment (65 years old this year) and Chinese Oolong. There’s also the herbal tea family with herbs, fruits and spices, and Bigelow Herb Plus which combines herbal tea with antioxidants, probiotics, b-complex or omega-3.

We also offer green teas – “straight up” or infused with a fruits and flavors — and organic teas! It’s good to have choices, so what’s your choice? Chances are it’s one of our favorites too!

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Bigelow Tea’s Herbal Plus: The Next Generation Of Herbal Tea!

Bigelow Tea knows that our herbal teas are relaxing and tasty, and that herbal teas have been used for medicinal purposes throughout history. Now, after two years of research and development, Bigelow Tea has introduced four new herbal teas with important nutritional properties, our Herb Plus line.

Why “Plus”? These healthy and delicious teas are fortified with probiotics, Omega3, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and choline…not sure what all those good things do for you? Check out this excellent new video where Cindi Bigelow explains all the healthy benefits of these delicious new teas!


What’s Your Best Tea Season? We Want To Know!

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Here at Bigelow Tea, we know that the right cup of tea goes with just about anything. We want to know when you think tea really hits the spot: summer, winter, rainy days, balmy nights; when does that cup of tea mean the most to you?

What Is Your Best Tea Season?answers

Bigelow Tea Offers Options For All Types Of Tea Lovers!

Loose, bagged, K-cup, full-leaf–what’s your preference? Whichever-way-you-want-it, Bigelow Tea’s got it! For instance, check out Brew Bigelow® air-tight, single serve K-Cups, which lock in freshness and deliver that “Café experience” quality that you expect from Bigelow Tea. It’s a great option at home or at work!

Bigelow® Black Tea and Bigelow® Green Teas are rich in flavor and antioxidants–with or without caffeine.

Bigelow® Herb Teas are all caffeine-free, and infused with herbs, fruits and spices! There are other tasty options including Kosher, Gluten-free, and Organic teas! And there’s so much more…

  • Did you know that Bigelow also produces loose leaf teas? Bigelow Tea Novus Teas allow you to experience the flavor of full leaf tea, with the ease of a silky mesh pyramid sachet, which allow the leaves to unfurl their full flavor.
  • And did you know about Bigelow Tea’s latest line of teas?   Herb Plus may be just the answer if you want to add probiotics, omega 3, antioxidants or B-complex to your diet.
  • Change of the season? Change the tea! Bigelow Tea’s Seasonal Teas add some spice to any season, while fresh brewed Iced Tea is an easy cool-down with our quart-size bags.
  • If you’re a “classic”–that is, an American Classic Tea drinker–you have plenty of company; each year tens of thousands of people visit the Charleston Tea Plantation to enjoy Bigelow Tea’s home grown and USA-produced teas!

No matter your preference, Bigelow Tea has what you need, to please not only your taste buds but your lifestyle.

So many choices and so little tea time. With over 100 Bigelow Tea flavors, you’d better get brewing!