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This is How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

Have you ever wondered what makes tea sooooooo tasty? For three generations, Bigelow Tea has been crafting deliciously different teas using quality handpicked teas and herbs from the world’s finest gardens. (Yum!) While premium ingredients are essential for a great cup of tea, the way you brew your tea also has a huge impact on how it tastes. Just follow these four easy steps and you’ll be on your way to a perfect, consistent cup every time. (Yay!)

  1. You may think using the leftover water in your tea kettle is no big deal. (It is!) Fresh, cold water is vital to making an amazing cup of tea. Before filling the tea kettle, let the cold tap water run for 30 seconds. This aerates the water– the oxygen in the water opens up the tea leaf, extracting all its incredible flavors. If you prefer bottled water, even better–give it a shake to aerate the water before heating. If you’re using a teapot, here’s a tip to improve aeration– take the chill off by rinsing it first with hot water.
  2. Before you pour, put the tea bag of your choice in a cup or mug. Different types of tea have different ideal brewing temperatures that yield the best flavor for that specific tea. (Wow, who knew?!) For black, oolong, herbal and rooibos teas, bring water to a rolling boil, then immediately pour over tea. For delicate green teas, bring water just to the point where tiny bubbles begin to form, and then pour over tea.
  3. Steeping times also vary for different types of tea. (Tick-tock!) Ideal steeping time for black tea is about 2-4 minutes, green tea 1-3 minutes, and herbal teas 4 minutes or more. Here’s another fun fact—covering your mug while the tea steeps keeps it warm and seals in all the yummy tea goodness.  If you forget how much time to steep, take a peek at your box of Bigelow Tea! You’ll find recommended brew times right on the packaging.
  4. If you’re working on creating a perfect cup of tea—don’t squeeze the tea bag!  Squeezing the tea bag will put bitter tannins into the cup–yuck! And who wants to burn their fingers while trying to enjoy a comforting mug of tea, right?!

Now that you’ve brewed a beautiful cup of tea, feel free to get creative! Some Bigelow Tea lovers like to add milk, honey, sugar or a slice of lemon. (Yum!)  Check out the video below featuring Bigelow Tea’s third- generation president and CEO Cindi Bigelow to get a step-by-step look at how she brews the perfect cup of tea. Give Cindi’s technique a try and tag #TeaProudly to share your delicious results!

What Is Your Fave Summer Beverage…Iced Tea Right?!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for iced tea!  June is Iced Tea Month, so there’s no better time to sit back, relax and enjoy a quintessential refreshing tall glass of the iced stuff.

So, do you know just how popular iced tea actually is?  Believe it or not, around 80 percent of the tea Americans drink is iced, according to the Tea Association of the USA.

Maybe it’s because iced tea is super versatile? Want proof? Check out president and CEO Cindi Bigelow’s fun ideas for pairing different teas. This video will inspire you to create your own custom iced tea creation that’s one of a kind- just like you!

Iced tea is also amazing in cocktails, just more proof of how much you can do with it.

How about treating yourself to a Long Island Iced Tea Lemonade after a long week?

BTW, iced tea has its own little list of secret tips to make it just right! You’ll want to be just as particular about prep time as if you were making a hot mug. For example, if you’re making a glass, give two teabags a couple of minutes to steep, but for a quart you’ll want to steep somewhere between 6 to 10 minutes. But always feel free to play around to find your favorite brew- that’s part of the fun!

Don’t forget there are also plenty of tasty iced tea options that are all ready for you if you prefer to stick with a tried and true, yet still amazingly delicious flavor. Either way, iced tea is a no brainer way to get refreshed this month and all summer long…well all year actually!

What’s your fave iced tea flavor or drink that features iced tea? Share with us (don’t forget to tag #TeaProudly!).

Loosen Up with Bigelow Tea Brewing Options!

Everyone knows how to make a cup of tea, right? Just boil the water and pour it over your tea bag…well, not exactly. While making a cup of tea is refreshingly simple, we at Bigelow Tea do want you to enjoy each tea variety every time you put the pot on to boil. Watch Cindi Bigelow offer important tips and guidelines for brewing the perfect cup in this wonderful video from our Tea-V channel:


If you’re happy brewing cups of Bigelow Tea with teabags, but still curious about some of our loose tea options, we’re delighted to help you with that, too! First, measuring the tea is important; If you’re making a pot of tea, the general rule is one teaspoon per cup, plus one more “for the pot.”

Drop the leaves straight into the pot if you’re using a strainer; or into the infuser basket if that’s your chosen method. Pour the boiling water over the leaves, and then wait 3 – 4 minutes for black tea, a little less for green, and a little more for oolong. Of course, Bigelow Tea can provide you with necessary (and stylish) options for your loose tea brewing. Our butterfly infuser adds a whimsical touch, and can easily fit in a purse or a pocket!

We also have infuser teapots to suit all needs and styles, including pot options for one person, or inviting over the whole crew for tea! Check out our tea pots made of glass, cast iron, or ceramics.

Curious about our loose tea? Go ahead and try some – and “loosen” up with Bigelow Tea!

What Fuels You?

This year, Bigelow Tea turns 65.  And in the United States, 65 is synonymous with retirement.

Does that mean we’re retiring from tea?  Never!

Our family company has been making tea for three generations, and we get better every year.  In fact, in a recent interview with World Tea News, our own Cindi Bigelow explained why she’d never consider taking the company public:

Why would I? We are so committed to this business, so committed to the product, the consumer and the employee. As soon as you bring somebody else in, that focus changes. They’d propose things that we don’t feel are good for the family long-term. Their concern is profit; our main concern is our people and our product.

That’s because Cindi knows what fuels her: she’s committed to the quality of our product and the well-being of our employees.  She’d never sacrifice her values for the sake of a dollar — and that commitment has made Bigelow Tea profitable and sustainable for generations.

Last year, while visiting our Charleston Tea Plantation, Cindi stopped to chat with some of the entrepreneurs in Charleston’s tourist district.  She learned a bit about their businesses, but she also recognized a kinship they share with the Bigelow family: each of them is fueled by the desire to succeed, on their own terms, doing what they love.

(Of course, it helps that some of them keep themselves fueled with tea, too…)


So, as we celebrate our own 65 years of success, we’d like to know: what fuels you to succeed?

See What Happens at Our Bigelow Tea Socials!

On January 21st, we hosted our first-ever Bigelow Tea Social in New York City.  The event was a big success, but if you weren’t there, you may be wondering what you were missing.  Stephanie at The Tea Scoop wrote a great recap of her experience, and she’s also one of the happy attendees we featured in our own video recap of the evening.

Maybe we’ll see you at our next tea social?  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be sure you hear about our upcoming events!


Bigelow Tea on Better Connecticut

Here is a behind the scenes look at Bigelow Tea with Scot from television’s Better Connecticut.

Who Knows Where Bigelow Tea Will Show Up Next!

We recently launched a new video in which I walk the streets of New York City asking if people know of Bigelow Tea. I had so much fun doing it; I cannot even begin to tell you.

Part of the fun was actually finding someone that did not know our teas…how does that work when you are supposedly the number one tea in NEW YORK CITY? I was so delighted that people were even willing to talk to me let alone tell me about their thoughts on drinking tea.

After we put the video up on our website and blog a second amazing thing took place…I received the most fantastic emails from people who saw it (and again some were not even Bigelow Tea drinkers!!). The fact that I put in the video all the “no never heard of it” people really resonated with the readers. They thought how unusual.

Well for me, how real…and more importantly how fun. It became more like a treasure hunt after a while…can’t wait to do it again. Who knows where I will show up next.

Cindi Bigelow

Latest Bigelow Tea Video, Cindi Bigelow finds out who is drinking Bigelow Tea in New York City!


Cindi Bigelow hit the streets of New York City to see who is drinking Bigelow Tea. Maybe your town is next!

What’s in Your Teabag?

Bigelow Tea Releases New Video

Fairfield, CT, January 20th, 2009 – “Not all teas are created equal,” says Cindi Bigelow, President of Bigelow Tea ( and host of a new Bigelow Tea video. In this engaging short clip, “How Do You Know You Are Drinking High Quality Tea?,” Bigelow educates us on how to choose a good tea. After watching this video, you will never want to settle for anything less!

As the video explains, it all starts with the package. A poorly wrapped teabag will pick up air, moisture and odors. Bigelow teas are wrapped in airtight foil packages which protect the teabag, leaving its flavor intact. Next, beware of tea dust, a teabag filler with smaller leaves which reduces flavor. Bigelow Tea refuses to use tea dust. Bigelow’s Earl Grey, for example, contains large tea leaves with real oil of Bergamot, producing a fabulous, robust tea.

Next, get the real leaf, not the stems! Many black teas are loaded with tea stems, generating a barky flavor. Bigelow’s English Teatime®, a popular brand, contains hand-picked leaves, no stems, and has a clean, fresh taste.

Finally, Bigelow uses real spice, no shavings and no flavor prills. Constant Comment® combines hand-picked whole leaves with large pieces of orange rind, producing a lovely, complex tea.

Check out this video ( and put your new found knowledge to good use by joining Bigelow Tea in celebrating Hot Tea Month!

About Bigelow Tea Company

100% family owned Fairfield, Connecticut-based Bigelow Tea pioneered the specialty tea category more than 60 years ago. Bigelow takes pride in its heritage and successful growth from a one-product, entrepreneurial venture into America’s leading specialty tea company. The Bigelow Tea line includes more than 80 varieties of flavored, traditional, green, organic, herbal, decaffeinated teas and iced teas– including America’s number one specialty tea flavor, “Constant Comment®.” Also, enjoy the Charleston Tea Plantation located on Wadmalaw Island just south of Charleston, South Carolina which is owned and operated by Bigelow Tea and produces American Classic Tea and products.

Bigelow Tea products are available nationwide and every variety can be found on the company website ( Tea lovers will also enjoy the company’s blog (


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Tea Video Contest Selects Its “2008 Calm-A-Sutra of Tea™ Master”


The Calm-A-Sutra of Tea Master for 2008 National Scholarship contest, which required all entrants to submit original one-to-two minute Internet videos containing at least one valid message regarding tea’s health-related benefits, specifically black, green, white and oolong tea, has chosen a winner…and the grand prize goes to…John Ford. John will receive a $20,000 scholarship from the Tea Council of the USA, Inc.

John is a resident of Los Angeles, CA and second year graduate student at the American Film Institute (AFI) where he is pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Directing.

Out of nearly 700 videos submitted, John’s video, INTERROGATION, stood out. The Tea Council of the USA, Inc. partnered with sitcom star Megyn Price of the CBS hit series Rules of Engagement as the official Calm-A-Sutra of Tea celebrity spokesperson.

The video was reportedly inspired by John’s father, a retired FBI agent, “who to this day can’t seem to shake the habit of interrogating everyone, including the cat.” It depicts two police detectives interrogating a cup of tea. It’s entertaining and educational all at the same time… a must watch!

For more information, see our two previous entries: Enjoy the “Calm-A-Sutra of Tea” and Win $$$ and The How’s and Why’s of Tea.